Twenty Seven - She was his little princess

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"I guess we are similar in some way," Scarlett nodded her head. Instantly the smile on her face disappeared and was replaced by a soul-chilling glare. "According to the bet, you will step down from the position of alpha the moment I win."

Alpha Jace gave a thoroughly laugh, " won. Otherwise, the beautiful ginger will be mine." He looked behind Scarlett and winked at Brielle making Scarlett growl.

"Give some respect to my people!" Scarlett growled in anger, her voice sending shivers down the spine of those who heard her.

Alpha Jace gulped but immediately stepped back, ready to shift. "Not even in my dream!" 

Within seconds, a brown wolf stood in his place. Scarlett tilted her head analyzing him and chuckled. "And here I thought I was going to witness something grand." she mocked him.

Alpha Jace growl and ran towards her jumping mid-air. Scarlett rolled her eyes and stuck her palm on the joints of his limbs before punching him on his stomach paralyzing him immediately.

"Never lose yourself control to your anger!" Scarlett chuckled and crouched down to his paralyzed form. "Now I don't really see the reason why I should shift and fight with you, Alpha!" She mocked him.

Fryer who was sitting among the audience watched her. She still hasn't changed, he thought. He was reminded of the time he had a combat with her. She never stops to pinpoint the opponent's weakness. Seeing her now, he remembered the late-night lessons she gave him learning about the fatal points in a person's body. 

Scarlett rolled her eyes and pinched his neck allowing him to take control over his body back. She stood up and flexed her shoulders. "It's no fun if this fight ends here,"

Stepping back, she closed her eyes letting the familiar feeling take over her. She could feel her muscles start to vibrate as her bones started to break. The people of Ashbryn watched in shocked at what they were seeing. This was something they weren't expecting at all. 

"The fun is about to start," Brielle clapped her hand in excitement.

Fur in a similar chocolate brown shade of hair started to sprout through her skin. Her face elongated as Scarlett finally stood on her four feet. Finally, she opened her eyes revealing her bright red eyes causing multiple gasps to erupt throughout the arena. This was the most beautiful wolf they had ever seen and the white patch on her shoulder blade in the shape of a new moon added to her beauty.

Among all, it was the king who was taken by the most surprise. Those red eyes—those familiar red eyes were something he hasn't seen for decades. "It can't be..." He whispered. 

"Father?" Elaric looked at his father.

"Is she..."

"I wish she was," Elaric gave a sad smile, "But she has a family of her own. She can't be our little princess."

King Marlin gave a shaky breath and leaned back in his throne, "For a moment, I thought my daughter was back."

Alpha Jace slowly stood up and growled at Scarlett, feeling too much humiliated by what just happened. Scarlett gave her a wolfie grin causing his anger to raise. She was having just too much fun tonight. 

Alpha Jace again took the first step just like she predicted and took an aim towards her neck which she easily dodged. She kept dodging him as he attacked her again and again. Finally taking her chance, Scarlett clawed him on his shoulder. Alpha Jace growled and jumped on her. The two tumbled and rolled around until they hit the chain wall. He took the opportunity and bit her shoulder making her growl. She raised her paw and clawed him across his face. He tumbled back. Scarlett stood straight and watched as the bite mark healed within seconds. She flexed her neck and made her way towards the alpha while looking straight in his eyes. She stumbled back when she saw the faint glow in her eyes. 

Memories after memories flashed in front of Scarlett as she looked into Alpha Jace past. She shivered in disgust when she saw that he has been forcing girls into prostitution and raping them himself as well. Anger flared inside her when she realised he was thinking of doing the same thing to his pack members. 

Not even thinking twice, she launched at him, digging her claws into his shoulder. Alpha Jace howled in pain. Not even flinching from his pain, Scarlett bared her teeth and gave a loud thunderous growl causing everyone to tremble under her power. Each and every werewolf present in the arena bowed their head in submission including the alphas and the prince himself. 

The king watched in astonishment as the power she held was far greater than a power a normal alpha would have. She was not just an alpha, she was a queen, their queen but most importantly, she was his little princess. 


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