Chapter Eighteen|Dancing In The Forest

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"I bloody told you, Freddie. I told you that she was going to say yes."

George nudged his brother as they sat together in the great hall. They had shown up to lunch early for no actual reason.

"I'm just happy she said yes. I don't exactly have an idea of what we'll do in Hogsmeade."

George smirked and nudged Fred again. "Walk around, have a butterbeer, snog in the snow."

Fred's face went bright pink. He wasn't expecting his brother to say something like that. "Sh-Shuddup."

Angelina, Marisol, and Leah sat down across from them. Fred straightened himself up and took a drink of water to cool down.

"Hello, boys. What are you doing here so early?" asked Marisol.

George shrugged. "We just thought we'd get an early start." said George.

"Got a bit hungry." added Fred.

Leah grinned. She always admired how the twins completed each other with ease. She always thought it looked like half and half and without each other, they wouldn't be the same.

"So it's your last meals here before you hop on the train and leave. We won't miss you." George winked at Angelina causing her to shift uncomfortably.

"Very funny, Weasley. Marisol and I actually have to eat quickly and go. Trunks are packed and the room is cleaned. It's time to go spend Christmas with my family."

Leah looked down into her lap with a small bit of grief. It hurt her a little to remember that she didn't exactly have somewhere to go for Christmas.

But she cheered up after remembering that she had Alicia, the twins, and Severus for the holidays.

"I'm sure you'll have a great holiday, Angie. Write us all about that new broom you'll be getting."

Angelina simply laughed. "We aren't sure yet about that broom, we'll see."

Dearest Leah,

I hope all is well at Hogwarts. I've been in contact with Severus and it reassures me to know that he is taking good care of you. Drinking fire whiskey? What were you thinking, Leahanna? I don't even blame Sev for that, I blame you. If I hear that you do it again, I'll take your notebook. I can't have you getting drunk at school. Especially being upset about a boy too? What were you thinking? You'll have to write me all about this boy.

Work hard, stay focused, and be successful. I still think you should graduate this year, but we can talk about that after the holiday.

With care,

Leah wasn't sure how she felt about the letter. At first, she felt frustrated with Severus for telling Starlett everything. She wasn't expecting him to.

Then Leah understood that her aunt was right. Leah has been distracted and needed to get her head in check.

Those weren't the things throwing Leah off the most. What threw her off the most was much more out there.

"Since when are Severus and Starlett acquainted with each other?"

"What're you saying, Leah?"

The girl jumped when Fred suddenly sat down in front of her. She started panting while Fred sat there concerned.

"Oi, ease up, Leah! I didn't mean to scare you." Fred sat there observing as Leah caught her breath and slowly relaxed into her seat.

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