Chapter Sixteen|Prank Gone Wrong

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This was going to be bad.

Leah was well aware that this was going to be really, really bad.

"But it'll be so exciting to watch Angelina and Alicia freak out like that." George said excitedly.

"We should also trick their brooms into flying backward." Fred interjected.

Leah sighed. "Yes, go right ahead and piss them off even more."

Fred and George looked at each other and nodded, causing Leah to roll her eyes at their idiocy.

The three of them currently sat in the great hall. Fred and George were planning a prank on their quidditch teammates, Angelina and Alicia specifically. Leah just sat there working in a notebook while they plotted.

"I bet a cup of tea will make up for it. Girls like tea." George mentioned.

Leah rolled her eyes at this generalizing comment. "I don't like tea. I actually hate tea, I go for a butterbeer or a cappuccino."

Fred and George looked at each other with confusion. "What's a cappuccino?" Fred asked.

Leah looked up at them after making a realization.

"That's right you've grown up away from the muggle world. Well, a cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee. I assume you know what coffee is?"

The boys shook their heads.

"Coffee is basically an energy drink using chemical caffeine. Espresso basically is much more caffeine. A cappuccino is an espresso coffee but with milk foam on the top to kind of soften the taste."

Fred and George had never been as confused as they were right now. Leah had the basic knowledge of it, but they struggled to understand.

"Drinkable energy? Write that down, Freddie."

"Doing it right now, Georgie."

Fred vigorously wrote in a small notebook filled with apparent scribbles and notes.

"There's nothing really that special about it. I'm more shocked that you don't know what coffee is. I assume your parents would drink it." said Leah.

"They do, but we've never understood what it was and just assumed it was some kind of rum."

Leah shook her head with a small smile.

"The world I have to teach you boys."

Leah didn't like being normal. She absolutely hated being like everybody else.

That's why she was in a sour mood as she and her friends walked to care of magical creatures.

Sure she signed up for the elective, but they hadn't allowed her to move up a year automatically. Causing her to be stuck with the people in her respective age group.

"This is the first time, I'm seeing Leah in a class with us. It's definitely quite the event."

Leah just scowled at them as she walked down the stone steps. Fred had never seen her so annoyed before.

Fred noticed how her nose scrunched up when she was irritated. He found it ever so slightly adorable.

But now was not the time. Fred didn't want to laugh at her. He was sure he'd get a beating if he did.

"Last time I was in a class with these people was in the first term of first year. This is definitely a new experience."

"You'll survive. We're not that terrible." Fred urged on about how Leah would find it fun to be around people her age, but she couldn't seem to accept the idea.

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