Chapter Fifteen|Dementor

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Leah felt great.

Over the past few weeks, she hadn't cried ever again after feeling happy. Fred made her happy, and she talked with Fred every day.

Her theory was that she just didn't have time to cry anymore. Not when someone was managing to make her this happy.

Snape was shocked to see her walk in with a large smile on her face.

"Having a good day, Leah?" asked the professor.

"Yes, I've been well. How about yourself Severus?" she asked. She genuinely cared about her mentor and how he was doing as well.

"I am doing just fine. The full moon is tonight, henceforth I begin tomorrow."

Leah nodded and began working on a new brew for the lesson. She was absolutely excited for Severus to teach the class.

"Wonderful. I can't wait to go to class tomorrow."

"So Snape is going to teach defence against the dark arts? Why?" Angelina frustratedly asked.

"Lupin is out sick, according to Snape."

Marisol sighed and put her head down on the table. The group was sitting at the lunch table eating when Leah de ides fo fell them the news.

"Well, I'm sure class will be fun today." George said sarcastically.

Leah sighed and watched her friends as they struggled to take the facts. She knew they didn't appreciate Severus as she did, but Leah felt they were overreacting.

"I think we'd better start getting to class." said Alicia.

They all stood up and began walking. Leah felt they were walking slower on their way to defence against the dark arts.

They finally got to the room and everyone but Leah somberly walked in. She noticed how Fred fell back and turned to her.

"Did you put in a good word for us, Leah? This class may be a bit of a struggle." Fred leaned against the door frame and grinned.

"I didn't, I truly apologize. Just don't do anything to piss him off and you'll be alright." Leah hugged her books and gave him genuine advice.

"Have you met myself and my twin?" Fred asked somewhat sarcastically.

"Of course, Fred. That's how I know you two will piss him off in the first five minutes." Leah slightly laughed as she said this, causing Fred to laugh with her.

"You know we will. Also, what is your favorite color?" asked Fred. Leah was caught by surprise but decided to answer anyway.

"Blue, my absolute favorite color is blue. That was a very sudden question, is there a particular reason you asked?" Leah asked almost flirtatiously.

Fred shrugged. "Just curious. You better get to your super difficult class, Leah." He grinned at her and made a small wave.

"Yeah, I should. Bye, Fred." She made the wave back and walked away.

Fred smiled at the ground and turned into maybe the longest class of his year.

At least their small conversation had given him the morale boost he needed.

Leah decided to go for a walk along the lake. She felt like she needed some serene and quiet time to herself.

She was just strolling along the bank happily. Things had really been looking up for Leah and she was happy.

Leah knew that she should have been thinking about what to do during the summer. Where she was going to stay, what she was doing to do, and how she was going to provide for herself.

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