51|answers pt. 2

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1. Give us music recs for moods such as sadness, happiness, numbness, pain, heartbreak.

-I'm going to do a separate chapter with album recs bc this chapter got too long when I tried to add it in.

2. Do you regret your first kiss? If so, why?

-Yes I do. It really just escaleted quickly after the kiss happened. We rushed into a relationship which ended up with pregnancy, drugs, and suicide so. I think if I hadn't kissed him, I'd be in a better mental state.

3. Tell us about your first kiss

-Basically I was with my best friend and I kinda just tackled him into a kiss. We both hit the floor hard. We then just got up and watched some Disney movies and didn't talk about it for like a month.

4. What color is your hospital gown?

-It's an off white color with blue and green tiny polka dots.

It's v stylish.

5. What would you like to get drunk on?

-Happiness. I avoid alcohol as much as possible. My ex and my mother have both had drinking problems and I've had to take care of both of them. I don't want to ever end up like that.

6. Is love real?

-Yes. There's just different types of love. Not all love is romantic or sexual love and that love is still very real.

7. What is love to you?

-It's about caring about someone so deeply. You want them to live the best life they can and fulfill all their needs. It's about wanting to make someone feel happy but realizing that they other emotions that are valid. It's about dedicating yourself to a person and promising you'll do your best to be there for them.

8. What makes you happy?

- Trees, rain pouring down, dogs, sugar gliders in sweatshirt pockets, running my fingers through someone's hair especially if the person is slightly annoyed by it, blasting hype music on a long car drive, braiding rugs, sitting on countertops, square dancing, writing a conclusion to a paper where your thesis actually sounds bomb.

And more.

9. What makes you sad?

-Dress shoes, the fact I currently am mute, when the world keeps on going after a death of a friend because I've completely shut down and therefore it should too. Popsicles you thought were lime actually turning out to be freaking green apple.

And more.

10. What makes you angry?

-Timothy saying anything negative about himself, the fact that my rights are being taken away and a lot of people support that decision, when the orange will not be peeled so you end up just creating this monstrosity that you have to deal with.

And more.

11. A list of people you stan

Awsten Knight
Mikey Way
Daniel Howell
Gerard Way
Nick Lang
Phil Lester
Pj Liguori
April Ashley
Robert Downey Jr.

And more.

12. Do you believe in astrology?

-A little bit. Don't think it determines everything about a person tho.

13. Are you a determined person?


14. What would you do if we met?

-I'd probably pretend that I didn't know you. I don't like meeting up with people who know me online because I don't want people seeing me and thinking of me as less of a woman than I am.

If I got over that I would definitely hang out with you though.

15. Describe what you like and dislike about three of your online friends.

-Asra: Very supportive friend/ puts himself down a lot

Podge: Very creative/ a private person which I totally understand why but still

Nisha: Easy to talk to/ Makes me concerned about how dirty her mind actually is

16. Opinions on body positivity

-No one should get shamed for their body type but we should also not idealize unhealthy behaviors.

17. Are you a good hugger?

-Yes if you're shorter than me. I'm always the tall person in the hug which makes it awkward for me to hug anyone taller than me.

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