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billie had left for tour two weeks ago, leaving me and pepper alone.

as i was cleaning the dishes, i get a phone call from my close friend sara. "hello?" i say, putting her on speaker.

"you need to put some laws on billie. just like 30 minutes ago released a video of her kissing this girl's forehead, rubbing on her thigh. i literally gagged in my mouth." she says, and i can hear the clicking on her laptop through my phone.

i thank her and hang up, going to my laptop too. she was right, just like that paparazzi dude was right.

there's becoming too many coincidences lately.

just as i finished watching the video, billie called. i hesitated before picking up.

"yes?" i spit out unintentionally, exhaling.

"hi, love!" she says in a excitement.

"yes?" i say again, trying to figure out what she could possibly want at 12am.

"wow, you dont seem excited to hear me. i haven't spoken to you all day, baby." she says, and i could tell she was doing a little pout.

just as i was about to reply, sara called. "i gotta go, bye." i say and answers sara calls.

"want me to come over? i have these new face masks!" she speaks, making my mood lighten.

"yes please." i say before shutting off my laptop and throwing pepper a couple of treats.

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