Part 2

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"You look mesmerizing, my princess." you looked at the mirror as Peggy finished to braid your hair. You both grew up in the castle together, she was your best friend and your parents considered her part of the family.

"Thank you, Peggy. You have to get ready too." you stood up, adjusting your dress. The red and gold gown fitted you perfectly. Your mother picked it specially for your birthday.

"I know but you have to look breath taking when James arrives." she remarked and you rolled your eyes.

"And you have to remember that and ruin my mood for my own birthday party." you frowned.

"Don't be silly, (Y/N). James likes you. And... Steve is coming too, right?" her eyes sparkled only with the mere mention of Sir Rogers name.

"With all the men in the kingdom, you had to give your affections to James' best friend, Margaret?!" she smiled and finished the last details on your hair as your mother called you to the main room.

You walked down the hall and took a deep breath as you heard the voices coming from the party. Your fifteenth birthday was a remarkable event for you and the kingdom, it meant that you were half way through the preparation for the throne. The part you didn't look forward to was your marriage with James. You both didn't get along after all those years to say at least or were too stubborn to let your true feelings find the surface. There's a thin line between love and hate after all.

As soon as you stepped in, all eyes went to you. It looks like your father invited the whole world to the castle. People were smiling and greeting you, offering gifts to the future queen.

"You look stunning, my daughter." your father kissed your forehead and you both walked to the ballroom.

"Oh looks like your prince just arrived." your mother whispered to you and your eyes went to the main door, the same one James was passing by, Sir. Rogers right behind him.

"Hello, my princess." James kissed your hand, bowing in front of you. "Your beauty is outshining the stars tonight." he smirked and you almost rolled your eyes.

"Happy Birthday, your highness." Steve greeted you politely.

"Thank you, Steve. Peggy will be join us soon." you smiled at him.

James kept his gaze on you, his blue eyes searching yours. You had to admit, despite his annoying attitude, James Barnes was devilish handsome. His hair was cut short, his face perfectly shaved which made his cheekbones and jawline more proeminent. But what caught your attention was his smile, it was always captivating.

"Would you dance with me, princess?" he offered his hand for you to take.

"Of course she will." Peggy came out of nowhere, pushing you towards him.

"Looks like I don't have a choice." you took his hand and Bucky guided to the middle of the room. His hand resting on the small of your back, your right hand placed on his shoulder.

"I've missed you, (Y/N)." his voice was almost a whisper on your year, like silk touching your skin. Your body shifted and he noticed his effect on you.

"Remember that time you scared me and I fell face to the mud? Can't say I missed you too, James." his laugh resonated through the room, you could hear the commotion from the people around, watching you and James dancing to the soft melody from the piano.

"I was a stupid boy. From now on, I'll treat you like you deserve, (Y/N). Like a queen." his grin widened and you would never admit it, but your heart was beating a little faster at the meaning behind his words.

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