Chapter 1

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Genevieve.  Lady Rochester, could you please help me into my gown for this evening?

19-year-old  Isabella clenches her teeth as she moves behind her mistress. Yes, your majesty, I'd be honored.  She doesn't feel honored, however. She is envious. She wants queen Genevieve's title, clothing, and husband.  At age 32, queen Genevieve has been childless for the last six years.  Which one would you like to wear?

Genevieve. The red one.

Isabella moves to the closet to pick out a beautiful gown  of dark red velvet. The neckline is low-cut and covered with gold lace.  The train flows 1 foot behind her. How she wishes she could have those gowns.

After Genevieve is dressed, with her  dark blonde hair pulled up into a bun, complete with her crown of gold and diamonds, she turns to Isabella. If you would like, you may choose one of my gowns to wear for this evening.

Isabella stares at her mistress with wide pale blue eyes. Your majesty, you must be joking.

Genevieve shakes her head, her brown eyes holding only sincerity. I insist. You have been one of my most loyal ladies in waiting for so many years. These last six years, actually. You have been with me through all of my miscarriages, and I believe it is only right for me to allow you to wear one of my pieces of clothing.

Smiling with happiness, Isabella goes back into the closet to select her own ensemble. She chooses an off the shoulder gown of deep blue velvet, the neckline trimmed with white lace. The train cascades 1 foot behind her. After fixing her long dark brown hair into a matching bun, finishing it off with small sapphire gemstones woven into the braided portion of her bun, the two of them make their way downstairs to the ball room, soon accompanied by Genevieve's other 10 ladies in waiting. Isabella is able to walk with the queen because she is the principal lady in waiting.

As they enter the grand ballroom of Buckingham palace, Isabella notices Genevieve's husband, King Joseph, waiting for them. She feels her blood simmering with passion and desire.

Joseph is very handsome. He is tall, with black hair, dark green eyes, and a very muscular build.  He is wearing a royal uniform of dark emerald green, trimmed with gold embroidery along the shoulders. His crown of gold and emerald is placed just so on top of his head. At age 29, he still does not have any children. And rumor has it that he is beginning to get very fed up with his current wife and wants a divorce.

Isabella notices Joseph give her a surprised, but sweet smile, before giving Genevieve a frown of disapproval. Turning her head slightly, she notices Genevieve putting a smile on her face, not wanting to show how much her husband's disapproval paint her.

The party make their way into the center of the ballroom where everyone is waiting for them. As they walk down the grand staircase, the guests bow and curtsey to Joseph and Genevieve.

As soon as everyone has been seated, the first course of the evening begins. Plates of cheese and small poultry are passed around, along with bottles of red wine, white wine, and champagne.

As she begins to eat with the other 10 ladies in waiting around her, Isabella cannot help but feel Joseph's eyes on her face. Glancing up at the high table from where she is sitting on the lower table, she catches his eyes.  She gives him a smile, and her heart flutters as he returns it.

Alexandria. Do not tell me you are falling for him!

Isabella. What does that matter to you if I am, Lady Parker?

Alexandria Parker narrows her chocolate brown eyes, pushing a few strands of blonde hair out of her face. Do you realize that it's not right? His Majesty is bound to realize that you are head over heels in love with him

Isabella rolls her eyes. I am not head over heels in love with him, Alexandria. And I do not believe he knows my affection for him.

Clara. Do you think that he has affections for you?

Isabella glances at her. I'm not sure, Lady Scarlet. I hope he does.

Alexandria. And if he does? What are you going to do then?

Before Isabella can answer, she feels a hand on her shoulder. Looking behind her, she comes face-to-face with the king.

Joseph. Lady Rochester, might I speak to you for a minute? Privately?

Isabella immediately rises to her feet. Of course, your majesty.

Joseph guides the two of them out of the ball room and out into the courtyard. I know we must not be seen alone, but I needed to speak with you.

Isabella. Say what you must.

Joseph gazes deep into her pale blue eyes, his green eyes sparkling with desire. Isabella... There is no easy way for me to say this. I don't even know where to begin.

Isabella. Please, your majesty, say it however you need to. I can wait.

Not able to help himself, much less say one more word, Joseph pulls Isabella into his arms, pressing his lips hungrily against hers. His hands move up and down her body, caressing her breasts and backside through her gown.. he plunges his tongue inside her mouth, growling as he feels her open her mouth with submission. His manhood throbs like mad against his pants. He rubs against her.

Isabella's heart flies like hummingbird wings. She closes her eyes, wrapping her arms around Joseph's neck, pressing her body against his. She rubs her womanhood right back against his hardness, wanting him to take her right then and there. She has been dying for this for the last six years. She has been wanting him, and it is evident that he has been wanting her, as well.

After a minute, they finally come away from each other, panting and breathless, their eyes dancing with desire and need

Joseph. Good God, Isabella, you don't know how badly I want to take you to my bed and make love to you this very night. I want nothing more than to have you be my queen and bear my children.

Isabella. I want nothing more than that, Joseph. But how can we do this? You are still married to Genevieve.

Joseph. Be my mistress for now. Once the divorce is final eyes between Genevieve and me, you will take her place.  Dearest Isabella, I have been madly in love with you for the last six years, the last three, to be exact. I didn't know if it was imaginary or real, but I know now that it is real

Isabellas eyes well up with tears of happiness. My feelings for you are mutual. I have been in love with you for the last three years, as well. I envy Genevieve and what she has. I want you, I want everything.

Joseph kisses her again passionately. And you'll have everything, my love. Me, the kingdom, the crown. The children.

Isabella kisses him back. How long until the divorce is finalized?

Joseph. Three months. That will give us plenty of time to be together. However, I am going to make love to you with protection. A child at this time is not wise.

Isabella. That's fine with me, so long as I am in your arms and in your bed every night.

Joseph growls against her neck, his cock hardening even more. Fuck, Isabella... You drive me mad.

Smiling deviously, Isabella reaches down to squeeze his manhood gently. And you drive me just as mad, my dearest Joseph.

Joseph squeezes her left breast. I want you, this very minute, but I know we cannot. I have to go and make a false presentation with Genevieve. But it won't be long until we are together, my sweet.

Isabella. I know my love.

Exchanging one last passionate kiss, they make their way back into the ballroom  so that no one notices their absence.

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