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I groaned as I slowly regained consciousness. I shielded my eyes with my hand as I opened them.

My eyes felt sore, my body felt so tired, and there was this aching in my chest that just wouldn't go away.

"Amelia, thank the Angel." Came my sister's soothing voice as she pulled me into a hug.

I knew she was trying to comfort me, but I couldn't return her hug, or even comfort her back.

We both lost our mom.

I cleared my throat. "What happened?" I asked, my voice sounding weak to my ears.

"Well, you fainted after... After Magnus sealed himself in the demonic realm." I shut my eyes. Another person I lost.

"How many did we lose?" I dreaded the answer. The attack on Alicante was so horrifying and unexpected.

She let's out a breath. "So far, about sixteen shadowhunters. Many are injured." She told me.


Loud footsteps echoed across the room, and that's when my eyes met Alec's worried blue eyes.

He let's out a sigh of relief as he grabbed the back of neck gently and pulled me in for a kiss.

Alec dropped his head onto my shoulder, where he hugged me and I reciprocated the action. "I'm sorry about your mom," he whispered. "I swear to you, we will make Jonathan pay."

We pulled away. "Where are the others?" I asked.

"They went back to the Institute, but they paid you a visit. They're, uh, finding a way to rescue Magnus from Edom."

"By the Angel," I inhaled sharply. I pursed my lips as I rubbed my belly. I wanted to help, I really do. If only there was a way...

My most important mission was to keep my baby safe.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Alec bent down and retrieved my duffel bag, which I didn't notice that was by the foot of my bed. "Here. Tell me when you're ready to leave, okay?"

Alec kissed me once more before exiting the room. I turned to Lydia, feeling guilty. "I'm sorry for being selfish." I said.

She gave me a look, scoffing. "Selfish? No, you weren't, little sis. You were grieving."

I looked down, feeling ashamed. "And so were you. But I didn't do anything about it."

"Little sis, it's okay. Come here," she embraced me, and suddenly, I'm reminded of all those times she was there for me.

She was there for me when I used to be afraid of the dark. She was there to tutor me and help me with lessons and fighting techniques.

She was there.

And so to thank her, I started formulating a plan in my mind. All I needed was my stele to send a fire message.

I suddenly smiled at her. I would put my plan into motion when I got back to the Institute.

"L, I need to change." I said, getting off of the bed.

"I'll talk to you later?" She asked.

I nodded as I grabbed a shirt from the bag. "Yeah."

Lydia was about to exit the room, when she turned back with a sad smile. "The Rite of Mourning is in three days, alright?"


The Institute was busy as usual, but the atmosphere was different. It was tensed and downright depressing, and I couldn't blame them.

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