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It was Ray. I wondered what he wanted.

Me: Hello?

Ray: Maya can you come over? I need to talk to you.

Me: I'M really not in the mood at the moment.

Ray: Please. It's important.

Me: Ugh Ok. I'M on my way.

Ray: Thanks. Bye.

Me: Bye.

I hung up the phone and started the drive to his house.


I pulled up into his driveway. He was outside waiting for me. I got out and walked up to him.

Me: What?

Ray: I need someone to talk to.

Me: I'm here aren't I?

Ray: Ok. Come in.

Me: Ok.

We went into his house to his living room.

Me: So what's going on?

Ray: I thought about what you said. Y'know. About me loving Kayla?

Me: mhmm

Ray: Well, You were right. I don't love her.

Me: And?

Ray: And I want you to help me break up with her.

Me: Why me?

Ray: She's scared of you. She'll never try to get back at you.

Me: Idk Ray.

Ray: Pleeeaaassse

Me: Ugh Ok. What do I need to do?

Ray: Ok. Here's the plan. Tomorrow Im going to "leave" before lunch.  I want you to be kind to her and introduce her to my homie Diggy. You and him need to pretend to be bestfriends. You need to try to hook them up and see if she tries to date him behind my back. I'll walk in, catch her,and end it.

Me: What if she doesn't want to date Diggy?

Ray: Then I'll think of something.

Me: Oh Ok then.

Ray: Thank you.

Me: No problem, but I have to go.

Ray: How about you stay and watch a movie with me?

Me: I'm kind of stressed at the moment. Maybe another day?

Ray: Come on. A movie will cheer you up.

Me: mmmm ok. Put on a movie.

Ray: Cool. What do you want to watch?

Me: Love and Basketball.

Ray: I love that movie.

Me: Me too.

                     Ray P.O.V.

Maya looks so depressed. Im trying to get her out of her funk. Im trying to make her smile because I hate seeing her sad. I want her to know that I can be her best friend. I know I hurt here,but I've changed.

Me: Maya?

Maya: What?

Me: What's going on?

Maya: Nothing Ray.

Me: No. Tell me.

Maya: It's Really Nothing.

Me: Whatever you say. I know something's wrong.

She sighed. It sounded like she wanted to cry.

Maya: Ray. I just have been hurt so many times. You, Donte, and now Prince.

Me: I know b... Hold up, hold up, hold up. Prince?  What did he do?

Maya: I caught him kissing this girl Nala. Tonight I caught them having sex.  Im just tired of it.


(A/N:  I know Prince is not Puerto Rican. I called him a wanna be. I love Prince. It's just a story.)

Maya: (crying harder) No Ray. It's Ok.

Me: No It's not. Thats wrong.

Maya: Ray, I need to go.

Me: Wait.

I ran over and gave her a huge hug. She held me tight and cried into my shoulders.

Maya: Ray?

Me: Yes?

Maya: Thank You

Me: It was No problem.

She gave me a small smile and walked out of the door. This is some messed up crap.

                   Maya's P.O.V.

I walked inside my house. My mom had came back. I ran up to her and hugged her. I cried into her shoulder.

Nicki: What's wrong baby?

Me: I hate my life!

Nicki: Baby don't say that.

Me: Why? My boyfriend cheated on me and broke my heart.

Nicki: Boys are going to be boys.

Me: I know. I just wish he wasn't like the others.

Nicki: All girls do. Trust me.

Me: Mom I've been thinking.

Nicki: About what?

Me: How would you feel if I started back dating Kennedy?

Nicki: I like her. She's cool so I wouldn't mind.

Me: Thanks Ma. I love you.

Nicki: I love you more. Now go get cleaned up so we can go.

Me: Where are we going?

Nicki: Just go get dressed.

Me: Ok.

I took a quick shower and put on my outfit. I placed my hair in a bun and put on my red lipstick.
Me: I'm ready.
Nicki: Good. Now Let's go.

We drove about 20 minutes down the road until we pulled up at a house.
Me: Who's house is this?
Nicki: You'll see. Now come on.

We walked to the door and knocked.

I heard a familiar voice.
???: Hey. Come on i.... Maya?!
Me: ???!

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