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"Hello Toby, Sophie," I said carefully playing with them.

"That's quite a nickname," Anna said.

"What did you nickname them?" Emmet asks tickling the baby softly.

"Well I named them Beer, Tequilla and Wine," he said pointing at Tobias, Persephone and then at Anna.

She laughs it away.

"How is the business growing?" Adam asks.

"Wasn't this supposed to be a no-business talk day?" I ask. He nods.


"How are you settling in with your nerd?" Adam asks putting his feet on the coffee table.

"It's fine and it's home. I loved the way our marriage went," I said laying the twins down and laying over Emmet.

"You mean how worst it was?" Anna said.

My mind fluttered back to that day.

"Why don't we recall our days?" I ask.

"What days?" Adam asks.

"Past... Future is unpredictable," I said.

He laughs.

"Maybe some other time. When I am less exhausted by sister Annalise Cole," he said getting up.

"He was up all night," Anna said.

"Doing stuff?" I ask.

"Geez! Don't say it in front of twins," she said.

I look at Emmet and we both burst out laughing.

"I meant office stuff you idiot," I said.

"Yes... The idiot that is now too famous that her own sister, planned the perfect wedding," she said kissing my cheek.

"Aww... You called me perfect," I said. She laughs and Adam takes the twins and her to the guest room.

"They must have been exhausted," Emmet said clearing the coffee table and putting the diaper bag aside.

He opened the first chain and looked at me. Even though I was invading the privacy, it was worth a shot. I peeked onto a photo of us all together at that camping we did. I looked at him and our eyes conveyed us. He places his hand on my waist as he walks with the milk to put it in the fridge.

"When would we make one of those?" I ask looking at Emmet.

"Someday soon," he said pecking my cheek and I glint red under his gaze.

We didn't leave anything behind. Whatever storms we faced, it made us strong, made us us ... I walked over to the mail we had recieved.

At the same moment, my phone rang. It was Ethan.

"Ethan... How is your album going?" I ask.

"It's pretty good considering the fact that I sold out a million copies," he said.

"You should say that out proudly," I said putting the phone on speaker.

"I was thinking of maybe having a Réunion. All of us. Me, Emmet, you, Anna, Adam, Denise, Melissa, Cera, Jonathan, all of us," he said.

"I would love to if I could schedule time from work," I said.

"Oh please. I need you for this and my wedding," he said.

"Call yourself not desparate," I teased.

"When can you be here?" he asked.

"When my clientele is empty," I said.

"I won't hear anything. I need you really soon," he said.

"Who is the lucky girl to have captured your heart?" I asked.

"You know her," he said.

"Who is it?" I asked when Emmet was fumbling with his phone.

"Its Melissa," Emmet announced.

"How did you know?" Ethan asks.

"Oh honey... There is a thing known as social media and Melissa is really quite big an actress," Emmet replies.

"Oh right... Good look Mel," I said. I heard him hiss on the other side.

"I heard that Annalise adopted twins," he said.

"How did you know?" I ask.

"A little birdie named Twitter told me," he laughed on the other end.

"It was a pleasure to talk," I said.

"It's mutual," he said as I hanged up the phone.

"Actually I liked Ethan's idea," Emmet replied coming closer to me.

"Even I did but our lives aren't that of grade 10th when we could lounge any time," I said. He chuckled.

"What?" I asked.

"Anna had a pretty good influence on you," he said. I rolled my eyes and we sat down reading from a single book.

It's 5pm when beloved Anna and Adam rise from their grave. I pour Adam strong coffee and Anna a latte.

I was good at this...

Anna smiled as she sipped onto it. She was very careful not to spill any of it on Persephone.

"Why exactly 'Persephone' and 'Tobias'?" I asked.

"I named Tobias because I wanted him to be earnest and a warrior. Just like Adam," she said smiling.

"And Persephone is known for her enchanting beauty... It's a way of reminding myself how lucky I am," he said. They kissed.

If this were the situation a few years ago, I would have passed a snide comment but instead I was doing the same thing.

It's funny how people can change you and your perception. It's amazing that so many people care for you. And that fact was alone overwhelming.

"What is there in thin air Clara?" Anna asks. My attention diverts back to us.

"Nothing just the way that we are," I said. Emmet's warm smile was comforting. Adam gets up and opens a drawer.

"No don't," I warn but it's too late.

He holds the security gun with his two fingers, "What the fuck is this?"

Anna gives all of us glances.

"Don't curse in front of the babies," she finally says.

"It's a security gun. We both have licences," I said taking it way from him and putting it down and closing the door.

"What for?" he asks.

"I am a member of the royalty and the wife of a multi-trillionaire. It is important to have safety. It's my way... Like yours is to have two guards around you always," I said.

"But I bet Anna's glances might help to massacre thousands," Emmet jokes.

"It's just a gun and no body touches it," I said. His face contorted but then came back to himself.

"Honey... We need to get a licence as well," Adam says to Anna.

The competitive alpha...

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