Chapter 25-Smitten Snake

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Warm water sloshes against my skin as I wake up from my recovery nap. I hope Stella's doing okay. Nick told me she'd need the biggest space to adjust more comfortably.

After talking with Will, Nick called me and said Stella was recuperating here. Since our magic didn't clean up the bloody mess he left on my neck, he told me I may as well use the bathroom since Stella will be here for a while.

Stella didn't seem disturbed by her turning as I thought she'd be. I know she loves Colin, and right now, most of what she feels is anger. That's what she told me when we arrived here at Nick's family ranch home. Heinrich and Colin are taking turns feeding her. They're in their own room down the hall.

Cold, hard scales are painted over his thick fatty black shiny body. He isn't as humongous as I remember seeing earlier this evening. It's like he's shrunk down to a normal sized snake and not one out some horror dinosaur film.

The bubbles in the tub hide me well enough, but that doesn't mean I'm fine with him coming in here to check on me. He was not in here when I was awake. At least, that I know of.

The bathroom door is still shut. Half his snake form is hanging off the white porcelain tub providing a neck rest for me. The other half is sloppily coiled and smashed against my bare legs beneath the water.

Heat rushes to my face as I nudge my knee against him hoping he gets the hint. He doesn't move though. I wonder if he's asleep...or he could be pretending.

His diamond-shaped head remains still on my shoulder. "What are you doing?" I ask uneasily.


"On me?"

He starts to slither around my neck as if pretending to be my new scarf. "Yes, you're softer and much more pleasant than a meager mattress."

Water splashes against the tub as I sit up. With shaky hands, I reach for the towel I had put by the foot of the tub. When I go to grab for it, I find it to be missing. No, it's already been...used. It hangs, dripping on the towel rack soaking all the dry towels beneath across the bathroom. Puddles lead up to where I remain lounged in the water of the tub.

I cross my arms, inching upward as new understanding sinks in. He was in here and then walking around. I bite my lip wondering if he only just now shifted because I happened to wake up. It would explain while he's cramped against me in a very uncomfortable position half in and half out of the tub.

There's a half-eaten cheeseburger sitting on the plate on the other side of the tub -- where he would have stepped in. It's covered now in water, made soggy from him probably stepping in and out.

"You w-were sitting in here with me. What did you do?" I ask.

Nick's head dips downward as he starts to twist around my arm. "I brought you dinner, but it's a bit spoiled now as you can see."

"Were you sitting in here with me?" I repeat in shock.

My skin crawls as I feel the end of his tail caress my thigh.


I squirm against him, sitting up as a clean towel moves from the other side of the bathroom by my use of our magic. I grab the it from the air, tugging it around me rapidly after shaking him off. My frantic movements stir a wave of water by my knees to life. It almost sends him sailing over the edge of the tub. However, instead, his entire snake form ends up slipping under the surface because he's still too heavy.

Nick's snake head rises out of the water. It would be comical if I wasn't mortified. "I won't bite you again or come in the room without asking," he says through a light hiss.

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