Come closer

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Jak put his hand atop Chara’s open mouth as she screamed. She was writhing on top of him in the throes of a magnificent orgasm.

She collapsed on top of him, panting heavily, a bead of sweat tumbling down from her forehead.

“We forgot to turn on the air conditioning,” she giggled, catching her breath. They were in the master bedroom of one of the newly built penthouses--the last of the bungalows to be built.

From their vantage point, they looked out over miles and miles of sparkling, navy blue ocean. Phangan was visible to the far right of the window. The penthouse itself was spectacular--even better than the vision Sunny had described. It featured two bedrooms, both with outdoor Balinese-style bathrooms, a modern kitchen area, and a huge, covered patio with an outdoor sofa, loungers, a dining area, and a private plunge pool. Polished concrete walls gave it a contemporary, modern look, and Chara had incorporated splashes of gold and orange “to bring the sunset to us,” she’d explained.

Jak and Chara were falling deeper and deeper for one another by the day. They hadn’t had a fight, or even an argument, since that day a few months earlier when Chara had signed for broken tiles.

Jak had run after Chara and apologized for his outburst, and she’d forgiven him just as quickly. He’d promised to do a better job of controlling his stress, and not to snap at her again. He’d also promised to never turn down her request for a quickie again, and so far, he’d managed to keep both promises.

“We’d better get back,” Jak said, looking at his watch. “The camera crew is due to arrive any minute now.”

“Shit, how does my hair look?” Chara sat up and brought her hands to her head to comb out her sex hair with her hands.

“Don’t worry, they’re bringing a hair stylist with them,” Jak laughed and winked at her, grabbing her by the waist and throwing her back on the bed playfully. He kissed her passionately. His hands started moving across her body.

She gave in for a moment and then pushed him away, laughing. “No, no, no, no, come on, you’re the one who just said we have to get back.”

Jak fell back on the bed and looked at the ceiling. “OK, OK, you’re right,” he pushed himself up and put his hand out for Chara. “Let’s go.”


“OK, now just put your hand around her waist? Yes. And more? Hold her tighter?” The photographer called out instructions as he snapped photo after photo of Anna, Vinny, Chara, and Jak.

After Dark, the biggest international magazine in the world for clubs, parties, and events, was doing a cover story on them. It was a huge win--Chara had called in a contact in the publishing industry back in New York, who had hooked her up with one of the writers at After Dark. When Chara had sent her the press release she’d drawn up about Koh Exotica, the journalist had gotten back to her the same day, asking to arrange a call.

The call, which had included Jak, Sunny, Chara, Anna and Vinny talking into a speakerphone at 9 pm due to the time difference--the journalist was based in New York--had gone exceptionally well. The journalist had said at the end of the call that he was going to pitch the article as a cover story, and within a week, he’d confirmed that he’d been granted his pitch.

He’d explained they’d have to do an on-location photo shoot. He wanted to get the issue out at least a month before their opening party, so, with only six weeks left, he hadn’t wasted any time in getting his team together and out to Thailand.

“Great, and Chara, put your leg up higher? Jak, hold her leg up, come on, help the girl out,” the photographer teased and instructed. “Come on guys, we want this photo to ooze sex! Sex sells, remember!”

Sunny had declined to be a part of the photo shoot, saying he was fine for Vinny to take the spotlight in his place. Jak, too, had been reluctant to participate, but Chara and Anna had convinced him that it would be fun. “Besides, when are you ever gonna get to be a cover model for an international magazine again?” Anna had pointed out.

The on-set hairdresser and makeup artist had polished the models up to a nice shine. Anna and Chara had had hair extensions put in that gave their manes tons of volume, making them look like dolls. Their faces were caked with foundation, their cheeks shiny with highlighter and blush, and their lips plastered with gloss.

“You girls already look like airbrushed versions of yourselves,” laughed Jak, who was also wearing makeup. The guys had foundation on, and a little bit of bronzer. Jak’s flawless skin didn’t really need it, but Vinny, whose chin and cheeks had a few acne scars, looked much improved.

They’d placed the set on the top floor of the nightclub, just in front of the DJ booths. The shoot director had Anna and Vinny up in the DJ booths, and Chara and Jak at the bar.

It was nearly sunset, which was the moment they were waiting for--it would be beautifully visible from the open-air bar.

“With the palm trees in the background, this will be the quintessential tropical bar shot. I love it!” The effeminate shot director had sang, jumping up and down and clapping his hands together.

Anna and Vinny didn’t really need an excuse to get any closer, but at the photographer’s nudging, they were now in one another’s arms, their faces just inches apart.

“You can cut the sexual tension with a knife,” Jak muttered under his breath to Chara, who giggled subtly and rolled her eyes.

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