#2 Peru

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Stepping off of the plane In Peru, the heat is a pleasant welcome from the last wet months spent in England. The heat coming from the cooling plane engines, whirled its noisy fumes across his face, stringing his rucksack over one shoulder, while holding down his baseball cap against the breeze with the other.

The first leg is over but still a lot more travelling will be needed to reach his destination.
From here on he will need to take a flight in a smaller engined plane, landing on a small field runway outside of the never ending Amazon rainforest, then from that runway, through  his contact in Peru, a military helicopter will be used to air drop Lord Henry and his month long supplies deep in the hostile jungle,
cutting out the logistical nightmare of riverboat travel, and the epic long voyage up stream along the lonely, dangerous rivers.

This new expedition of his will take him deeper into the amazon jungle than he has ever been before, its is as remote as you can get, its very possible nobody has ever stepped foot into this uncharted territory.

Lord Henry is heading for the great valleys of the Vale Do Javari, it straddles the border of Peru and Brazil, as far from Alverley Hall and Doncaster as he could possibly wish, far from the nearest loggers,miners or cattle ranchers that are decimating the vital rainforest. Here he is hoping to search for some new species of insects,spiders,butterfly's and if lucky the holy grail of new finds a new mammal, along with many new plant species.

As he walks through the dated, run down arrivals department in the midst of the hussle of hundreds of people, all walking in deferent directions avoiding each other like a colony of bats in a swarm.
His ears pick out above the mixed noise of many languages, a familia voice shouting, "Henry Paul", "Henry Paul".
Looking left and right, near and far, struggling  to see where the voice comes from.
"Henry Paul" "Henry Paul" again comes the shout.
Spotted him he think to his self, as he sees waving hands raised above a head, like a small school boy desperate to answer the teachers question.

Lord Henry has found  his  little Peruvian friend Albert Chavez, standing not a centre meter more than five foot tall, wearing his matching cream suit and hat, he resembles Danny Devito in the film Twins.
He has the same chubby appearance and balding hair, he has tried combing over for the last ten years hoping nobody will notice.
He actually also reminds him of another Danny Devitos character in the film Matilda.

Albert is a real character, he thinks him self as a wheeler dealer kind of guy, who is forever buying useless items in bulk hoping to make it rich. He is also a taxi driver, who Lord Henry has been using for many years, he is a good man and actually arranges lots of things for him over in Peru.

"Henry Paul" "Henry Paul"
Albert says once again in a lower tone, as they greet each other with an embrace.
He has been saying his name the wrong way around since he first met him in his taxi many years ago, he stopped trying to correct him long ago, as it made no difference.

"Good afternoon Albert"
His reply, looking at him with a puzzled look before pointing and saying.
  "Your looking taller".
Albert smiles and reply's
"do you think so?"
"Defiantly another inch at least".
Responds Lord Henry.
Albert smiles  wide like a cheshire Cat, revealing his stained teeth, abused by years of smoking and drinking Peruvian black coffee.

"Thank you Henry Paul"
he nods in delight.
"let me help you to my car"
he says as they share the weight of his heavy rucksacks, he collected off of the carousel.
As they are walking out to his car, Lord Henry has noticed he is wearing Cuban heels almost three times the thickness of his own soles, he has not got the heart to joke with him about it.

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