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Zion was flying back to LA
today and to say he was excited
was an understatement

He and Gracie had been getting
on so well and frankly he missed

"You have reached your destination
It was a pleasure flying with
you" the overhead voice said

Zion sits up a little taller and
has a humongous smile
on his face

He makes his way off the plane
and then makes his
way through LAX

Stopped by a few fans, he quickly
snaps a few photos with them
before excusing himself

About 20 minutes or so,
he pulled up at Gracie's house

He knocked the door and
Gracie opened it

"Zion?" She asks with a big smile
quickly pulling him into
her embrace

"Hey baby" he says, taking
in her very distinctive scent

"When did you arrive?" She asks
when they pulled away

"Yea-" he began but was
interrupted by the noises
he could hear

Zion hears some shuffling and
before he knew it 4 boys
burst out through the living
room and tackled him onto
the floor

"We missed you so much buddy"
Edwin yells

"Yeah don't ever leave us for
that long again" Nick says

"Alright alright, get your fat
asses off me" Zion laughed
and the 4 boys get off of him

he dusts himself off

"How come you guys
are here anyways?" He asks

"We just wanted to
chill with Gracie" Brandon

"Oh cool cool" Zion says
before pulling Gracie into
his embrace again

"God I missed you" he whispered
in her ear which caused
her to giggle

"I missed you too" she says
Which causes him to smile

He looks around and sees the
other guys busy doing
whatever it is that they are

He uses this as an opportunity
and whispers in Gracie's
ear about sneaking away

Of course she agreed and they
both tip toed out and had
almost made it to the door

"Hey where you guys off to?"
Brandon asks which
causes Zion to curse under his

"Oh we were just going to grab
some food" Gracie says casually
which causes Brandon to raise
an eyebrow

"I haven't eaten since this morning
so you mind if I join you guys?"
He asks

"Um-well" both Zion and Gracie
say but Brandon cuts them off

"Hey I'm sure the boys will
come too, yo guys we're going
to buy some food" Brandon yells

Edwin, Austin and Nick walk
Past them and start piling
into Zion's car

"Its going to be fun" Brandon says
winking at Gracie and patting
Zion on the back before also
making his way into the car

"Well fuck, I was hoping it would
just be us" Zion says, clearly deflated

In fact there wasn't anything that
he looked forward to more than
hanging out with Gracie

But that didn't seem like that was
going to be the case today, or any time
soon in fact

Not if Brandon Arreaga had anything
to do with it

Not if Brandon Arreaga had anythingto do with it

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And the plot thickens...👀

Honestly writing Brandon as
the bad guy lowkey hurts because
ouuf that's my baby but it's all
in the name of good writing!

Do you guys reckon that he'll be
able to snatch Gracie from Zion?👀

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