Chapter 37 Hello Master

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"Chris begged and begged to come and I finally said yes if he paid his own way," Declan explained, "and we can always use an extra set of hands during set up."

"And if Declan and Jaime want to go out for some private romantic dinners, we can hang out Finn," Chris piped in, "I know New York really well.  There's a great club on…"

"Finn is 16, he won't be going to any clubs," Nico interrupted sternly.

"Oh yeah, I forgot, sorry man."  Chris looked from me to Nico and back again.  I wasn't sure what to say or what to do, but luckily Declan spoke up.

"Nico, I promised you that Jaime and I would look after Finn and that's what we intend to do.  We won't be going off anywhere without him," Declan said to Nico before turning to his other student, "Chris, I said you could tag along so you could see some of the new trends down at the galleries in the Village, and you have experience with my shows in the past, this is not going to be a party trip, if that's what you think then I ask that you stay in Miami."

"No Declan, that's not what I meant at all," Chris assured, "I forgot Finn was under 18, I really just meant that I'll help out all I can.  Mr. Salazar, I won't take Finn anyplace he shouldn't go…I mean, ahh…I'll make sure he stays with Declan and Jaime."

Nico ignored Chris and turned to Declan.  "How does this impact the hotel arrangements?"

"We still have the suite you booked us, so Jaime and I have a room and Finn has a room.   Chris knows  he has to stay on the pull-out couch in the living room."

"Make sure that's where he stays," Nico growled.

"We should really get through security," Jaime piped in, his soft spoken Spanish accent toning down the situation.

"I'll just quickly say goodbye to Nico," I agreed, "you guys go ahead, I'll be right behind you."  I quickly pulled Nico aside out of their earshot.

"I don't trust him," Nico grumbled.

"Sir…Nico, you don't have to trust him, you trust me don't you? Besides, he's completely harmless."  As much as I really wanted to lean up and kiss all his worries away, I knew I couldn't in the present company.  None of them knew the kind of relationship Nico and I had and it had to stay that way.  I had learned enough about Declan working with him to know that he wouldn't be supportive of the kind of relationship we had, and I didn't quite know how far he would go if he found out.

"Of course I trust you Finn, but  you're 16 years old and New York is a big city.  Look what happened when you got lost in Miami."

"I promise I won't be stupid like that again.  I know it's only been a couple of months, but I have gotten smarter since I started living with you…and I have my cellphone, if I get separated from them I'll just call Declan.  I promise I'll be fine."  I watched Nico, trying to read his face.  I could see the tension in his jaw by the small tic he got when he wasn't happy about something, I couldn't help the frown on my face at the thought of not being able to go and my head dropped down in disappointment.

"You weren't stupid baby, you could never be stupid.  I know you'll be fine.  Text me in the morning and at night and at least 2 times throughout the day.  Stay close to Declan or Jaime and watch yourself with that college kid."

"Really, I can still go?!" my face lit up as I looked up at Nico.

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