chapter thirty four (continued) - April Fools and the Humiliating Prank

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"Now that we are all finally ready for round two," McGonagall said, a hint of exasperation lacing her crisp accent, "We can begin,"

"When I give you the definition, the first person to put their hand up gets to start. I'll only ask three times, and if you got it right the most when we're done, you go to round three,"

"Prepare to lose, Lils," Sirius whispered into Lily's ear with a smirk.

"You talking about yourself?" Lily challenged with a smirk of her own.

"It's on," Sirius agreed.

They both turned to McGonagall with determination.

"A charm that forces the target to shrink," McGonagall began, and Laurelle's hand shot up instantly.

"Ms Adams?" McGonagall requested.

"Deletrus," Laurelle countered confidently.

"Is that even a real spell?" Sirius whispered with amusement.

"Unfortunately, Ms Adams, the answer is Dimuendo, and not Deletrus," McGonagall replied. "Next question,"

McGonagall said, "Causes the target to swell in physical size. Its counter-charm is the Shrinking Charm,"

"Uh," Laurelle appeared lost for a momrt, "Engorgio?"

"Correct," McGonagall responded, and Laurelle grinned in relief

"Adheres one object to another, as if they had been glued together," was McGonagall's next question.

At this, Laurelle looked as if she were really racking her brains. She finally said, "Episkey,"

"Wrong," McGonagall corrected. "It's Epoximise,"

Laurelle sat down in her seat again sadly.

"A charm that shatters glass," McGonagall required.

Lily, Remus and Sirius put their hands up simultaneously, and after a moment of pondering who to pick, she chose Lily.

"Finestra," Lily replied, and McGonagall nodded.

"Freezes the target with icy-cold air," McGonagall asked Lily next.

"Glacius," Lily answered. She mentally cheered when McGonagall nodded.

"Protects against hexes," McGonagall questioned.

"Salvio hexia," Lily replied instantly, and by the hint of a smile on McGonagall's face, she knew she's gotten it right.

She walked back to her earlier spot next to Remus and across from Sirius, and smugly whispered, "Told you," he mimicked slicing her throat in response.

"Softens objects, making them rubbery and bouncy," McGonagall said. Sirius' hand shot up immediately, and as McGonagall called him forward, he patted Lily's arm and said, "Don't worry, Evans," in a mockingly sweet voice.

"Oh I'm not," Lily replied in the same time.

"Stuns the object, rendering them unconscious," McGonagall asked.

"Oh Minnie, this couldn't have been any easier," Sirius replied smugly.

"It's Professor to you, Mr Black, and please just answer the question," McGonagall replied exasperatedly.

"Stupefy,"Sirius said.

"Correct," McGonagall agreed. "Next question; transfigures the target's head into a tentacle,"

"That's a thing," James piped up in horror.

"Of course," Remus replied.

"Can everyone else kindly refrain from talking," McGonagall said before James could reply. She turned to Sirius. "Mr Black?"

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