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Day one

Ethan's POV

I bought her some flowers today . We watched movies all night . She was sleeping most of the day. 

Day two

We went for a dip in the pool . She laughed at my jokes . After the pool we relaxed in the jacuzzi for a bit . I massaged her lower stomach to relieve some of the pain . She was sleeping a lot again.

Day 3

She kissed me when she woke up . She kissed me more later that night . We cuddled too . It was a lazy day . She didn't want to do anything extra today . I massaged her head making her fall asleep on my lap . Just 4 more days and she'll be running around like a track star .

She has been excited for what is able to happen after the surgery. I have been given more pointers.

Step 4, don't cause me any physical pain .

Day 4 December 16

Today we had Royalty over . They were both so excited to see each other . They made me a and Grayson a birthday cake . They surprised us by flying my mom , dad , and Cameron out for my birthday. Grayson and I were so excited to see them . We thought it was going to be another birthday without them . I guess not . Chris and Trey were both in on it . It was Royalty's idea .
Mary , Chris and , Trey just helped her out by making it happen.

Grayson and I gave her a hug and thanked her and the rest of them .

Mary and I are not an official couple. Right now we're just testing the waters and seeing how we're feeling.

Day 5

She took me out to eat breakfast today . We went to the doctor to check up on how she's healing . The doctors said she was doing great . They also said that she is able to have kids without complications. We needed that confirmation.

When we left the Doctors office she kissed me .
I smiled and held her hand as we made our way out . She was smiling the whole car ride . She was so happy.

Day 6

Chris took her out to ride their Atvs in the mud . Whenever she came home she was just covered in mud . I laughed at her . She ran towards me and hugged me . I was now covered in mud . Chris was looking at us laughing his ass off .

We showered together which was amazing. Her body was so silky . I  got hard but I had to contain myself.

After that we laid in bed until we fell asleep.

Day 7

We slow danced . She wanted someone to hold on to . After that she left to Chris's house and took care of Royalty while I stayed home and spent time with my family. Grayson had come over too . So I guess it was a family reunion. 

They talked to me about how sweet Mary is . If I was lucky enough they wanted me to marry her.  They always loved her . Since the first day I brought her home they've liked her . I really appreciate their support. 


1 week later | December 23 | 1am

"Hey princess!" I hugged her after coming back from work .

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