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Summary: Peter is angry and Thor calms him down

Let's just say, Rocket and Peter got into another argument again. They were arguing over who was going to fly their ship since the other control was broken. Rocket may have taken it too far by bringing Quill's mom into it.

"You are so rude! Oh I'm sorry, I forgot you didn't have a mom to teach you some manners!" Rocket yelled. Peter didn't say anything back, he was too hurt and too taken back by what he said to do or say anything else. Everyone in the room all knew what Rocket said was wrong, but he was so overtaken with anger he didn't even notice.

With one last glare at each other, they stomped in opposite directions. After thinking about it the rest of the guardians felt like they needed space since the whole argument could have been because they spend too much time together and are just annoyed by each other's presence.

"Why does rabbit look upset?" Thor asked as he walks into the ship. They all still felt tensed to speak about it, until Gamora finally spoke. "Him and Peter got into an argument and Rocket took it too far." She sighed. "Where's Quill now?" He asked. "I think he's in his room." She answered as they all saw Thor head to his room.

They all knew that he was the only person who could truly calm him down. If anyone else would try to calm him down, he would get over it in the moment and then still be upset over it later on.

Thor reached his room and knocked on his door, but after a couple more knocks with no one answering, he decided to let himself in. Peters room was dark, the only light was emitted off of the lamp he had one and even then it was still very dim. He could see the faint silhouette of his body laying on the bed facing the opposite direction of the door. While he heard Quill's music played faintly.

Thor sat on his bed, close enough to where Peter could feel the shift knowing someone was on the bed with him. He took off his headphones and spoke. "What?"

"Gamora told me what happened. Do you want to talk about it?" He asked, he felt Peter sit up then he turned on the lights.

It was clear that he'd been crying. His eyes were red and puffy. "He mentioned my mom." Quill sniffled. Thor rubbed a comforting hand on his back. "I know how sensitive you get when she's mentioned. But he was just angry, people say stuff they don't mean when they're angry."

Peter looked down at the picture he was holding of his mom. "I know you miss her. He didn't mean it." Thor heard Peter sniffle again. "It still hurts." He cried. "I know it does baby. I know." Thor then embraced Peter in one of his 'Thunder hugs'. Which basically was Thor emitting off small lightning charges off his body onto Peter making him laugh since it tickled him. That was Thor's go to whenever Peter was upset, it worked sometimes. Then after a while he'd go back to being angry.

After Thor pulled away he pressed his forehead against his boyfriends. "Let's get your mind off of her." He spoke while giving Peter a soft kiss on his lips. "Let's go stargaze. I know we haven't done it in a while so let's do it now." He suggested.

Peter wasn't budging. Instead he laid back down and let out a groan. "I don't really feel like it." Thor sighed, knowing he would be like this. Peter has always been stubborn. But that didn't stop him from loving the Starlord. "Alright, you made me do this babe." Then in one swift motion Thor had Peter over his shoulder and walked out his room.

"We're going on a walk." Thor spoke with a smile to everyone else in the room. "No we're not." Peter protested, while they all sent questioning looks at the couple. The god of thunder just laughed and walked out of the ship. Their stargazing spot was just on top of their ship. "Why do you have to be so stubborn?" Thor laughed slightly. "You love it though." Peter smiled lightly. "Yes I do and that smile of yours." He spoke before kissing Quills lips.

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