Family Reunion

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Mia's Pov

I hated This so much the straps across my Chest and mess Mushing in my diaper.

We pulled to local park Restroom and Xavier Carried me to a changing table .

" Phew someone's a messy girl " Xavier said and Rolled messy diaper and threw it in trash.

He removed a thick Pink Disney princess diaper and taped it shut on me.

" There we go " He said bouncing me a little.

I groaned he handed me bottle" Come on princess drink your ba ba Like good girl "

This man was making me piss and crap me.

I really wanted someone to save me ...

~~~~~~~~~~~~Elsa's Cafe ~~~~~~~~~~

Elsa was Cleaning some of her branded coffee cups when she heard familiar ring of her shop bell.

Which means there are customer 's

She turned she found a young woman with a Man and Someone else by his side .

" Please Have a seat And what may I get you " Elsa asked and turned away expecting the customer to tell her to get some coffee .

But what she hears she hasn't expected ...

" We want Xavier " Elsa frozed and turn away " Who are you guys "

"Anna Charles Lopes , I am wife of Xavier " The Cup slipped our of her grasp and Shattered on floor ....

Xavier was Coming with Mia strapped in stroller" Well let's see mommy us there in her cafe and get you some Milk"

Xavier entered the cafe with Mia in stroller ....

But when he looked it was none other than His Wife Anna and His daughter .

" Welcome Mr Xavier Charles lopes the Billioner " Anna said in scarastic way .

" Anna...Emma " Xavier mumbled.

Xavier had no words he was dumbstruck to see his long dead wife and daughter standing there .

To be continued...


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