Hikaru Asahina x Reader (Brothers Conflict)

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I'm sorry if this is bad! I'm not the best in One-shots, I usually only write Scenario books. I have a Brothers Conflict Scenario book for those who are bored and wanna read something. 

I didn't know what to write really so it's really short. But I hope you enjoy it.

Requested by: UzumakiAkira

You held your broom, wiping the floor, lifting a chair. You were cleaning the store before closing up, not having time tomorrow to clean the whole shop. You don't own the store, your grandmother does, you just work here to help her out. And... maybe for another reason. There is a man named HIkaru Asahina, a beautiful man who always makes you nervous and shy. You can't even form a sentence around him without stumbling over your words or with such shaky hands that the drink you're carrying gets spilled everywhere. At first you did think he was a woman because he stepped in here in a dress with long, orange hair and a beautiful face. That was till your co-worker chuckled and told you he's a man.

'Excuse me.' You flinched as a male's voice came through the shop, followed by the door bell ringing to signal someone stepped inside.

'Sorry, but we're closed!' You put your broom against a nearby table, turning around. 'You can come back tomo...'

Your words went silent as you stare at Hikaru Asahina. It was the first time seeing him in a suit, his hair tied in a ponytail. Hikaru raised an eyebrow so you nervously spoke up,

'So-sorry, I didn't mean to stare, that was rude. It's just yo-you look handsome...'

Hikaru's eyebrows shot up in shock but then he laughed causing your face to heat up.

'Thank you. I'm sorry for dropping in when you're closing, but I do believe this is yours.' Hikaru smiled as he held out a phone.
You just stared at it when it hit you. Your hands flew to your pockets, patting them.

'Oh my god...' She quickly took her phone from his hand. 'Thank you so much! That could have ended up badly, I can't believe I lost my phone and didn't even notice.'

'No problem.' Hikaru smiled before he asked, 'Do you want to go on a date?'

'... what?'

'Well, I thought this might be the best time to ask since you are almost done closing, and there is a new restaurant nearby I was gonna check out.'

'Of course, yeah!' You nod so much your neck began hurting. 'I just need to clean the back, will probably not take too long.'

'Oh, then I will help.' Hikaru smiled, taking the broom before your fingertips could even brush against it. 'Then we can finish faster and get onto our date.'

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