Chapter Thirteen|The Marauders Map

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"Admit it."


"Admit that you fancy Fred Weasley."


"Admit it!"

"I've got nothing to admit, Marisol!"

Leah groaned and continued walking down the stairs and out into the common room.

"Then explain why you were talking for two hours last night!" Marisol said slightly less calm than before.

Leah stopped in her tracks and turned around to face her friend.

"We were talking for two hours last night?" 

Marisol nodded. "I heard when you came in because I was walking down to look for you. When I heard you come in I went back upstairs. It had been two hours before you actually came to the dormitory."

Marisol watched as Leah looked down with a smile. The girl looked back up, her face clear of any kind of happiness.

"It felt like half an hour." Leah responded. Marisol shrugged.

"Well, it wasn't. Not that it's a bad thing or anything."

Leah sighed and turned around.

"Let's get going, I'm starving."

"Freddie, are you sure this is a good idea?" asked George. He was unsure and didn't know if Fred's idea was a good idea.

Lee walked into the boys' dormitory, not hearing George's question.

"Yes, George, I'm going to show it to her!"

Lee stopped in his track and looked at the twins. He gave them a look as if he was asking 'Did I hear that correctly?'

"You're going to show Leah your-"

"No!" The twins said in unison. George shuddered and Fred sat down.

"I'm going to show Leah the Marauders Map. I think she'd like it." Fred leaned back a bit and smiled.

Lee looked at George and shook his head. They agreed with each other that this was a bad idea.

"Fred, she might tell McGonagall about it. We might get in really big trouble." Lee frustratedly said.

Fred just shook his head and stood back on his feet.

"I understand that you're both worried, but I trust her completely. Leah is intelligent and is smarter than to report it."

George looked at Lee and shook his head disapprovingly.

"Fred, you're just saying that because you fancy her." said Lee.

Fred groaned and looked at the two.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't fancy Leah."

He lied. Fred lied.

Of course, Fred was going to tell George, but he couldn't at the present time. Fred wanted to show her the map and was to tell George after that.

They just looked at him. They simply continued staring at him after his last sentence.

"I'm going to show Leah the map later."

Leah walked with her group of friends down the corridors. They were going to potions, but Leah was going to transfiguration.

"I wish we could see you work, Leah. If you're so great at potions, I bet you're very into it when you brew potions." said George.

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