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Chapter 47

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- Caspar's POV -

There was an unfamiliar car parked in front of Tyler's place when we got back. Joe and I exchanged a confused look, as we rang Tyler's doorbell.

"Hi." The guy who answered wasn't Troye or Tyler. I recognized him immediately though I had never gotten to meet him on a personal level.

"Ryan Higa." Joe said.

He laughed, "Yeah that's me."

"What are you doing here? Where's Troye?" I asked bluntly.

Ryan opened the door wider so that we could step inside, "Troye is at the hospital. He needed to see Tyler. I wanted to go with him but he asked me to stay. I'm here because I was supposed to film with Tyler."

"Ryan Higa? Filming a collab?" My tone came out more rude than I had intended.

"Tyler was in one of my dare videos so I wanted to pay him back and help him with one of his videos." He laughed. There was something really soothing about him. His personality was genuinely just.. Happy.

"I really admire you." Joe said. For a second I thought he might have been talking to me, but his gaze was fixated on Ryan.

"Me?" Ryan pointed at himself.

"Yeah. I mean, you really do put a lot of work into your videos."

Jealousy clawed at my heart, trying to empower itself the same way fire clings to wood.

I tried to cool it off. I couldn't keep getting so jealous. If I did, I might lose Joe.

But my true nature peeked through as I made a desperate attempt to change the subject before Ryan could even open his mouth, "So how's Tyler?"

Ryan walked further into Tyler's place and took a seat on his couch. Joe and I trailed behind him, before situating ourselves next to him. I bit my lip as I saw Joe's fingers brush against Ryan's as he sat.

"I'm not really sure." Ryan's sad mood was clearly evident and it darkened the entire room. I admit I hadn't watched a ton of his videos, but in the videos I had seen he was usually happy. His darker mood impacted everyone around him now. "Troye answered the door when I came here. He wouldn't look me in the eye or talk. He kept mumbling to himself. Then he said simply that he had to see Tyler because he was in the hospital. I didn't want to slow him down by asking questions. He looked urgent."

"Should we call Troye?" I asked, worry racking my head.

"I think we should wait," Joe ran his fingers through his hair, "I don't think Troye will be in the talking mood right now."

Ryan looked from Joe to me, "What is Troye's relationship with Tyler exactly?"

Joe and I glanced at each other. Last time we spilled the truth in the hotel they were beyond mad.

"Ummm," Joe said, filling the awkward silence. Which in turn only made it more awkward.

Ryan shook his head and laughed, "Don't worry I won't pry. I don't need to know, I was just a bit curious." Ryan's carefree attitude was extremely likeable.

"So are you guys staying the night here?"

Joe and I looked at each other again. We had never arranged plans.

"I, guess so?"

"Oh okay great. Tyler said I could stay here too, but I was beginning to get a little worried about staying alone so it's a relief you guys will be here too."

"So who's sleeping where? I'd feel too awkward taking Tyler's room." Ryan said.

"True. Joe and I can sleep on the floor."

I said, reaching for extra blankets.

"Mind if I do the same?"

Yes. I do mind. I want to sleep peacefully next to my boyfriend and I don't want you trying to get with Joe.

I wanted to slap myself. Ryan hadn't flirted with Joe at all and he I was letting jealousy get the best of me again. I was just glad I didn't say my thoughts out loud that time.

"Sure." Joe answered at the same time I mumbled, "yeah." Trying not to sound too disappointed.

Ryan opened his mouth to say something, then closed it.

"What is it?" I asked.

"What's the relation between... You two?" He asked, slowly.

I beamed. Now was the perfect time to tell Ryan we were dating and in love. So he can back off and know Joe is off limits.

I opened my mouth to proudly announce my thoughts when Joe interrupted, "We're roommates. And really close... Friends... Obviously."

My head shot over to Joe. Roommates? And friends? Had I dreamt everything that had happened the last day? I desperately tried to catch his gaze but he wouldn't turn to me.

"Oh that's cool." I heard Ryan say, but I was no longer paying attention to him.

Was Joe breaking up with me? Did I do something to annoy him? Or is he just embarrassed of me? What the hell?

"Caspar are you okay?" Ryan said, and Joe turned to face me. Finally.

I clenched my jaw and pressed my teeth together angrily.

"I'm. Fine." I hissed between the gaps of my teeth, my voice turned raspy and clearly pissed.

Joe mouthed 'Don't worry'. As Ryan examined my face, clearly confused.

Don't worry? Don't WORRY? How could I not worry?

Part of me wanted to slap him and the other part wanted to kiss him. In the end, I did neither.

I watched, like a ghost, as Joe and Ryan continued their conversation. I had zoned them out, completely involved in my own worry and thoughts.

"Joe. Come with me now." I grabbed his sleeve, and pulled him into Tyler's bathroom. Sure, a bathroom wouldn't have been my preferred place to talk, but it was the only place I could think of.


-- A/N sorry for the lame update. Hopefully going to finish this fanfiction soon. I've been planning a couple ideas for A Myler fic, but I'm not sure if I'm going to follow through with writing it.

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