Jealousy 21+

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"Get up."
Jungkook said.
"Y/N I said get up."
He repeated.

He look down at you who's still sitting on floor not looking at him.

"Get up."
He lifted you up and make you stand on your feet then look at him.

"Are we seriously going to have this argument?"
You ask.

"Y/N, what's you're problem?"
He ask.

"Don't you know?"
You ask.
"You invited me to meet you're parents....but you, you were with Rosé the whole time?"
"How will that make me feel?"

"And isn't she the girl you're parents introduced you to?"
"The girls who you said she's better then me?"

"Y/N, listen..."
"It's not what it look like..."

"Then what!?"
"She fucking said she's thirsty and you both went to you're room."
You yelled.

"Just listen to me!"
Jungkook said holding you're hand.

"What? You're going to make excuses?"
"Who know if you two already fucked?"

Jungkook yelled while holding both of you're shoulder and shake you.

"You know what?"
"Follow me."
He said and drag you in you're bedroom.

"For fuck sake, I didn't touch Rosé yet, not even close."
He said and throw you on the bed.

You're face was on the bed.
You feel Jungkook sitting on the bed next to you.

No one didn't say anything.
But later you feel Jungkook hand wrap around your waist and lift you up just to put you down on his lap.

You're back we're facing him, you feel him lift up you're dress to you're waist.

You feel him taking off your black tight along with you're panties.

"Count for me."
He said while rubbing you're ass.








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"H-hun—- one hundred....."
Tears escape from you're eye.

You can feel you're ass burning in pain.. you know his fingerprints were all on you're ass.

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