Chapter 46 - Trust Falls

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What i'm looking for is artwork that portrays characters, dragons, events, or even locations like Redport, the Gates, castles, the Gable Forest, etc. Some artwork might get featured on my Instagram account too! 

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Fort Squall

Tamara took a slow, deep breath—the deepest she had ever taken. She needed a chestful of air for what she was about to do. She also needed courage.

"A fall of trust is always frightening for the first time," Byron tried to tell her many times before they had agreed upon it. Perhaps he believed his words were reassuring. The truth was, nothing Byron could say short of, "Never mind, you do not have to do this," would erase her fears. Besides, she had to do this! If she wanted to begin her training, she could not progress without completing the first set of drills.

Beneath her, she could see nothing more than green and brown blurs. The color was endless, extending far enough in all directions to kiss the sky. She was too high up in the sky to discern anything beyond the landscape's color. In a way, that was good. If she were able to see the ground—truly see it—her fear would have been closer to terror. She never would have agreed to what she was about to do.

She crouched barefooted in the dip of Byron's neck where it met his back. The warmth of Byron's scales radiated into her skin. As instructed, she kept her body scrunched in a tight ball. Her hands held nothing more than a single one of Byron's neck spikes. The downward strokes of his enormous wings kept them fairly stationary in the sky—a feat that should have been impossible.

"Remember, wait until my wings reach their highest. That will be your moment." As Byron said this, her chest swelled to its tightest. Her racing heart pounded fiercely against her insides. It was time to act. With all the focus she could muster, she watched Byron's wings as they completed their downward stroke. The timing had to be perfect.

As his wings gracefully moved upward, time slowed down. It no longer felt like she would merely have a split second. Rather, she would have all the time in the world. Her mind sharpened.

"I will be right beside you." Byron's final thought was the last thing she perceived as his wings reached their highest extension, or high point, as it was called. Opening her hands, she sprang from his back as if she were jumping from a cliff into water. As her legs pushed her upwards, she felt Byron's mind for one last moment before all contact was severed. Her body sailed upwards into what felt like nothing. Then as she began to change direction. She began falling. This was the moment she was able to see the green again. Without the warm contact of Byron's mind, a fresh wave of panic set in, instantaneous in its appearance. All she had left now was trust...

Trust falls were the first drills required of Dragonwall's Drengr-Rider pairs. They were meant to be completed before aerial training—no exceptions. To Tamara's absolute dismay, they were exactly as they sounded. Like every Rider, she was required to fall from Byron's back before getting swept to safety.

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