It took a minute girl to steal my heart tonight...

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"Should I wake her up?"

"I don't know, does she get cranky if you wake her up?"

"Well I don't know, she was always the one waking me up!"

I recodnised Harrys and Nialls voices. I was to tired to open my eyes so I just tryed to fall back asleep. Two strong arms lifted me up and I could smell the cinnemon scented perfume. Niall lifted me in his arms and started walking. I still didn't quite feel like waking up and I felt really comfortable in his arms. I fell asleep again.


I finnaly opened my eyes and i realised i was sitting on a chair, next to a bunch of girls. I shook my head to get the sleepy feeling out of me. I looked around and tryed to figure out where I was. Then I heard an awful noise. It was like a whale mating sound. Someone was trying to sing, and failed badly.

"Thats okay sweety, if we need you we'll call you. NEXT!!"

A girl stood up and said:

"Now listen to how its done!"

Well shes not cocky at all. She entered through a door and I could see Niall sitting in there. He saw me and pointed to the wall behind me.



I looked at him and smiled. He could at least woke me up. A few girls were next and I noticed they were all singing one of Nialls songs. Ass kissers.

"Perfect! Okay the next girl is... Leah Allen!"

As soon as I heard my name I froze up. I saw Niall looking at me, trying to show me its gonna be okay. I slowly stood up and started walking towards the door. Every step I took was harder and more stiff. I pushed the door open and a man showed me to the seat.

"Hello Leah, my name's Joshua."


"I understand that you and Niall have been together for 3 years now, but I want you to know that this doesn't mean you can just show up here and get the part. Get it?"

"Of course."

"Okay then. What song will you be singing today?"

I looked at Niall. I had no idea what I wanted to sing. I didn't even prepare anything. Like he'd read my mind he suddenly spoke.

"I listened to her sing and I think she has more like a Miley Cyrus voice. So maybe Party in the U.S.A.?

Joshua looked at me and wanted the answer.

"Yeah okay, I can do that."

"Okay! Lenny!"

The guy behind the computer, I didnt even notice him by the way, nodded and in a few seconds I saw a screen light up on the wall behind Joshua and Niall. There were lyrics of the song. The music started playing and I felt like throwing up. I looked at Niall to see the expression on his face, when I started singing. His face was just one big smile. I had to laugh at that, but I continued the song with a little more confidence. The song ended and Niall started clapping his hands. Joshua looked at him with a strict look and he stopped in a second.

"Leah I only have one thing to say to you. Brilliant! You are definetly the person for this song! But, there is a smaller problem. The girl that was here right before you was great too. So you both have a call back and we'll see whos better then!"


"Thats it! We have our top 2, the rest of you, thank you for coming and goodbye!"

The girls looked dissapointed but still happy, cause they got to see Niall. He still had a few autographs to give or take pictures with the fans, so he told me to go with Joshua to meet the girl I was competing against.

We entered a large room with cute pink decorations and a huge sofa in the middle. On it, there was a sleeping girl. Her curls were hiding her face. She was wearing a little puffy skirt and a tight top. her really high heels were laying on the floor infront of the sofa. Joshua showed me the sofa, and I sat down next to the girl.

"Her name is Nicole. She's the girl you're competing against. Just make yourself as comfortable as you can and when Niall has time, he'll be right over."

"Okay. Thanks."

"No problem sweety."

He smiled and left the room. I looked around. There was a computer by the wall and a huge TV right next to it. I stood up and walked over to the window. The only thing I saw were people walking and running around. I didnt even know where I am. I sat behind the computer and checked tumblr, twitter and my old facebook. Nothing special. The news about The Horan Duet was spreading really fast. Everyone already knew that only two made it through. Some people were even saying I only got through because I'm dating Niall. Shower of cunts.

"I'm sorry, who are you?"

I heard a silent voice and I knew instantly who it belonged to.

"Hi, I'm Leah. You're Nicole right?"

"Yeah. Are you Leah, The Leah?

"Ummm, it depends. Which Leah do you have in mind?"

"Oh my god! You're Niall's girlfriend!"

"That I am."

I smiled and she smiled back.

"So I guess its all about us now huh? What song did you sing?"

"Party in the U.S.A. He chose it for me."

"Awee, you two are so cute! I sang Wanting more."

"I love that song! Its my fave actually."

We were talking for an hour or two. Time was passing by so fast. Finaly we heard a knock on the door. A blonde quiff appeared from the hall and I jumped off the sofa and ran to the door.

"Snowflake!! I hate you so much for doing this to me! You could at least wake me up!"

"Whoa! Its not my fault! Harry said to just leave you there!"

"Aha, and Harry's ideas always work out right?"

He laughed, I laughed and then I remembered there ws still someone else in the room. I took Nialls hand and walked over to the sofa. We sat down and started talking buisness.

"So now I have to choose between you two to sing with me. The managment came up with an idea. With your agreement of course, you two would live in this building for two weeks and sing every day and stuff, well actually something like a boot camp at x-factor."

"I'm totaly in! Leah?"

To live with a stranger for two weeks? I don't know. And I have to choose now? Maybe I should just give the part up. I'm sure Nicole will be very happy with it.


He looked at me with those marine blue eyes and I almost melted.

"Sure, I'll do it."

"Well this is it then. The managment says no interactions with the finalists so, I'll see you in two weeks love."

He kissed my cheek and I wished I said no to the part. These two weeks are gonna be hard.

"Lisa is gonna help you through this. She's gonna tell you what songs to sing, what to wear, how to act. Just have fun! Thats it and see you in two weeks!"

He winked at us and left the room.

"Let the games begin!"

I had to laugh at her sence of humour. We're gonna get along just fine.


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