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There are

Jungkook oppa and hyerim unnie

"Unnie!oppa!"i shout and jackson oppa put me down and i run toward them

"Don't ever do that again...your dad is going to kill me"hyerim unnie said jungkook oppa carry me

Hyerim's pov

I look to my oppas(got7) i went to them and hug them tight

"We missed you so much hyerim-ah"
Bambam said and they tighten the hug

"We are sorry that we could visit you at your office because were busy"jackson said and we broke the hug

"but we promise to you that we will come to your wedding"jinyoung said and i nodded

(At home)

Me,jungkook and the girls just got home

"Did u guys have fun?"i ask them while smiling

Until my phone rings i took out my phone out of my pocket and see jinyoung wants a video call

So i answer

"Look its appa and eomma!"i said

"Appa!eomma!i miss you!"jiyu said

"Wahhh...did my girls behave well?"jin young ask them and they both nodded

"We will come their tommorrow to pick them up"rosé said

"Oh already?i thought its 2 weeks?"i said

"Well i miss them so so much!"rosé said and the girls laugh

"Eomma!i miss you too"jiyeon said and jiyu smile

"Okay see you tommorrow!bye"i said and i ended the call"come lets pack all of your things"i said and we went to their room

And started packing

(Morning)|sorry im kinda lazy today soo|

Today is the day that jiyu and jiyeon's parents are picking them up

So i went to the bathroom and did my morning routine

After i did my morning routine i went to jiyu and jiyeon's room and wake them up

"Jiyu,jiyeon wake up...your dad and your mom is going to pick u both"i said and jiyu woke up

"U-unnie?"jiyu said while rubbing her eyes i carry her and went to the bathroom and did her morning routine

After that i dry her hair...

"Unnie..is eomma and appa going to pick us up now?"jiyu said and i nodded

"Yes..so you must behave on your eomma and appa okay be a good girl"i said after i dry her hair we went out and found jiyeon is sitting on the bed

So i went to jiyeon and pick her up and did her morning routine

"Unnie are we going somewhere?"
Jiyeon ask and i shook my head

"You both are going home.."i said as we went down stairs and their parents is waiting in the sofa

"Jiyeon-ah!jiyu ah"jinyoung said as he hug them both and rose joined them

'What a cute family'


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