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FAR NORTH of where the festival would be taking place, two members of Why Don't We were on a bus down south to the festival. The two of them had been hanging out with their families a bit more and opted to take the bus rather than drive the long way down.

Also, Daniel did not trust Zach to drive half the time.

So the blue-eyed platinum blond had his head leaned against the window, his eyes trailing the landscape passing by. He had his headphones in and the band's latest song playing in his ears.

A tap at his shoulder made his head lift, turning to see Zach taking out an airpod, him doing the same. "I'm bored." The younger boy said, keeping his voice quieter to not disturb the other passengers on the bus. Yes, he was actually being semi-respectful; Daniel was surprised too.

"Then take a nap. You were complaining a few hours ago when I woke you up early this morning to catch the bus." Daniel reminded him. The older put his headphones back in and looked back out the window as Zach seemed to think for a moment before nodding and crossing his arms over his chest, leaning back into his chair.

Daniel looked down at his phone and started scrolling through the songs on his phone. His thumb stopped when a message popped up at the top of the screen, a grin tugging at his lips when he read it.

Did you guys make the
bus on time?

He met this girl over the internet and they started talking, but that was months ago. Now it was at the point where his heart would start to beat faster when he saw her name and he couldn't keep himself from smiling. He liked her, a lot.

Yeah, thankfully
Took a while to get Zach
up though

Well I'm glad you guys
are on your way

Sarina and I are catching
our flight tomorrow morning
Do you know when you're
getting there?

Oh yeah, Lucy-Mae was going to the festival too. She was tagging along with her friend, Sarina, so her and Daniel planned to meet up there. There first time meeting in person.

Daniel was a little more than nervous.

Should be getting there
tomorrow morning or
afternoon, according to
the driver

So we'll meet the day
after like we planned?

Yeah, after the boys and
I do soundcheck

Are you excited to
perform this weekend?

And nervous

We've performed for big
crowds before but never at a
festival like this

You'll do amazing
I know it

You know what else I'm
nervous about?


Seeing you
like actually seeing you

If anything I should
be the nervous one

You're this popular singer
and I'm just me

You're not just you
If you were would I really
be this nervous just to see
you in person when we've
been talking for nearly a

I guess not


You're amazing, Lu
I just can't wait to meet you

I can't wait to meet you

Crap I have to get packing
Talk later?

Of course

Bye Dani x

"Ooo she sent an 'x' and everything!" Daniel's head shot up at Zach's teasing tone and he glared at his bandmmate.

"I thought you were sleeping!"

"And I thought you said you guys weren't dating!" Zach shot back, a smirk tugging over his lips when the older boy's cheeks turned pink. "Besides, I was bored and saw you were typing so snooping seemed like the best option." He admitted.

Daniel glared at him again and shoved Zach slightly, nearly sending the younger toppling out of his seat. He shook his head in slight amusement and glanced down at his phone before clicking it off and sending the screen black. He looked out the window and let out a sigh, already wishing he was there.

It was going to be a long ride.

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