Chapter 1: What Are We?

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Third Person POV

The night was cast over the land as the Grimm chased after the unconscious Y/n. Their red eyes were fixed onto him as a horde formed by the call of their queen. However, regardless of the numbers or speed; the unique Grimm forged by Y/n was superior and faster.

Howls echoed throughout throughout as the chase finally stopped; the Grimm carrying Y/n hid himself as the other Grimm mindlessly search for him. slowly it wrapped its hands around Y/n as it placed him in front of it.

The crimson eyes pierced the darkness as it rested its snout near the child; the silence from in the small cave masked their presence as the Grimm's massive arms shielded the child like a father protecting his young. Slowly the howling of the other Grimm ceased, but the Grimm stood adamantly near the child; its vigilance never faltering for a second.

Slowly the night began to end as the sun was seen rising over the horizon. The child near the Grimm began to stir as it turned its attention turned him. It approached him as its face was right next to his.


The light from outside shined inwards as I began to slowly turn around. A small yawn escaped my lips as I rubbed my eyes; slowly I opened them, Only to be met with a dark pair of red eyes. I slightly jumped back as I accidentally kicked the nose of the Grimm in front of me. It sneezed repeatedly as it sat down and began to rub its nose.

Me: "Sorry about that Mr. Grimm; you scared me."

I chuckled nervously as the Grimm in front of me grew an unamused look and stood up. Slowly it began to circle me before picking me up by my collar.

Me: "Hey where are you taking me!?!"

The Grimm huffed in response as it began to leave the cave. I kicked and punched in an attempt to get out of its grip, but none of my actions seemed to even phase the Grimm.

Me: "You know I can walk right?"

The Grimm stopped walking as it dropped me into a small pond. It chucked in amusement as I jumped out the water with an irritated look.

Me: "That's not funny!"

The Grimm began to laugh as it flicked me with its giant fingers; causing me to fall back into the pond. Slowly I stood up as a small fish was stuck in my hair.

Me: "Rude...."

I took the fish out of my hair as the Grimm straightened up and looked intently at the fish.

Me: "Are you hungry?"

The Grimm tilted it head to side as it approached me and began to sniff the fish. In response I sighed before giving him the fish, and as I did it began to violently consume the fish until suddenly looking at me.

Me: "You know I was also hungry..."

The Grimm nodded repeatedly as it stuck its tongue out; on it remained the head of the fish. Slowly I looked up at the Grimm before shaking my head.

Me: "Nevermind.... I'm not hungry anymore..."

It shrugged before gulping the fish down. Slowly I looked around as I realized that had no idea where we were.

Me: "Mr Grimm.... where are we?"

It looked around the forest we were in and looked back down at me; I expected it to lead the way out of here, but it simply shrugged and sat down.

Me: "Wow so helpful!"

It grew an amused look before flicking me back into the pond and laughing once more.

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