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{At the hospital}

KURT: Mr Walter, may i ask what happened this time?

MATT: No,you may not. Just tell me,can I take her home already?

KURT: I would've advised her to stay for a few more days but,she said she wants to go home,so you can take her home today.

MATT: How is she feeling now?

KURT: She's better,and as long as she keeps using her drugs,she'll be 100% okay.

MATT: Okay doc,thanks.


{At the Walter's residence,Abby had returned from the hospital}

MATT: sweetie, I am so sorry, I'm really sorry. I should've never lost my temper like that, please forgive me dear

ABBY: Its okay,I'm not upset

MATT: I hope you're not hurting to much

ABBY: I'm fine, really

MATT: Okay, well let me get you something to drink

{He leaves the room and returned with a glass of Apple juice}

MATT: Here you go sweetie

ABBY: Thanks. Listen, I would never cheat on you. I only spoke with our neighbor because he knows a lot about mountains and I was hoping he could help me with a surprise for your birthday.

MATT: Really, that's so thoughtful of you, thank you darling

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