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The cold and merciless night was becoming one more obstacle in her path. She was running to go as far as she could, away from this place.

Her heart was thundering inside of her ribcage, followed by her ragged breathing that was coming out as vapours. The cold air was slapping against her face and body. Her hair was flowing in the air while her lungs filled with the cold air making her mouth go dry.

The dark silhouette of trees stood as giant monsters, waving there branches in the gusting wind. The only sound she could hear was her frantic heartbeat and the thumping of her running along with the crunching noise of dry leaves that was crumbling under her feet.

She knew they were coming for her and her precious little thing. Just the thought of them reaching her, made her clutch harder to her baby.

She started to run faster. Her limbs were giving out but she knew she couldn't stop, at least for the sake of her child.
She couldn't let the monsters put their hands on her newborn.

Thankfully, the moon was shining brightly today and it helped her to find her way.

She had to be careful not to trip on something, because that would slow her down and maybe her baby would get hurt. No! She wouldn't let anything happen to her baby.

As she was running under the moonlight, she heard some noises from the bushes. Her heart stopped, she stood frozen in her place.

For an ordinary human, it would be difficult to see through the dark bushes but for her? She could easily see through them.

She sighed in relief, when she saw it was a rabbit.

She started running again. She was heading towards the fence. The border of this deep and dangerous forest. The forest rangers made a silver fence at the end of the forest, so that wild animals couldn't go out and attack humans.

The monsters don't go there. So she thought it would be best to go there. After some time of constant running, when she was close to the fence, she smelt the faint scents of the creatures who were coming after her.

She started to shake. They were close, she couldn't let them get her baby.

Yes! They were coming for her baby!

When she reached near the fence, she looked down at her new born child. Her throat tightened. Her heart clenched. A low sob came out of her mouth in hiccups. She kneeled down and put her baby aside of a bush.

She wrapped her child in a big white fluffy towel. The sleeping portion was working well, as after all the running, her baby was still sleeping.

A lone tear rolled down her cheeks as she bent down and kissed her baby's forehead.

"I will come for you my precious little gem," she whispered in the infant's ear.

She had to leave her child in there, so that she could distract them. The night was about to end. The sun would rise soon.

She took out the bottle from her pocket. She remembered what was told to her, "Only use this when it's the matter of death and life."

She sprayed half of the bottle on her child.

"This will cover your scent. You would be safe." She ran her eyes over her new born one last time, until the right time will come when she would meet her baby again.

Suddenly the infant grabbed its mother's pinky finger softly in sleep.

Her heart swelled at the sight. She knew she didn't have much time. She had to go. She kissed her baby one last time.

"Mummy loves you baby!" She cried.

She pushed her baby inside the bush and put some dry leaves on her baby to cover it as much as she could. The sky was turning pink signaling that the sun would rise soon.

She stood up and started to run in the opposite direction from where she came without turning back!

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