Chapter One.

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AfterJordan’s football game he dropped me home, I don’t live with my mother.. or my father, me and Jordan, my boyfriend, live together in a condo in Los Angeles, California. Yes, I'm only 17 but I seriously love Jordan, he is my oxygen, without him, I wouldn’t be able to live. When we got home I ran upstairs to get out of my school clothes, I did my daily hygiene and got dressed into my PJ’s. I got out and walked to  the bedroom to see Jordan butt naked on the bed. I placed myself over him, on all fours; he had a surprised look on his face, I passionately kissed him, leaned over to his ear and whispered “You’re irresistible, but I'm still not ready.”

Jordan pouted, it made me giggle because he looked adorable, like he was about 2 years old. I pecked him on his lips again and wrapped myself up in the blanket. I felt Jordan’s arm around me and I drifted of into a dream land. “I love you, you are beautiful, I will never leave you, ever!” my dad slowly said as he stroked my hair. I didn’t know what he worked as, he said it was very important, almost like the army. When he thought I was asleep he went downstairs, my mother was an alcoholic so she was always very argumentative. “You disgust me, how can you do this, you have a daughter yourself!” she shouted, slurring of course. “At least I’m not selling everything around me for Vodka!” he shouted in anger. “WHY DON’T YOU GO UPSTAIRS TELL HER WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING?” I could hear the rage in her voice, starting to build up at the back of her throat. “I can’t deal with you, the only reason your skank ass is still here and not with Boss is because you have to look after Zella!” With that he went outside, I heard loud bangs and my mother screaming.

 I woke up cold, and frightened, I hated these nightmares, it was always the same dream, the last day I saw my father. I couldn’t find the blanket, I couldn’t move, Nirvana was going through my ears. I fully opened my eyes, to visualize; I was in the back of a car. Some guy with a big afro was driving, I blinked my eyes several times and gasped; I think the guy looked at me through the rear view mirror, I couldn’t tell as he had shades on. “You were screaming. Bad dream?” He asked, he had the sexiest voice I had ever heard in my life. I couldn’t find my words properly when I tried to reply “I-I-Y-Yes. W-who?”  I asked.

The guy must have understood me. “Wow, when they said you were stupid, I never knew how much. Well, I’m taking you somewhere, how did you get here? Alexis, you’re being kidnapped-” I cut him off buy a horrifying scream, he laughed loudly. “Nobody will hear you, trust me. Anyway, back to answering your question kidnapped, Alexis, we’ve been watching you for months and you are... Well a new comer, so beautiful yet still have one bit of innocence, which will be amazing for business. Who am I? I’mPrinceton, part of a group called Mindless Behavior, I’m the smart ass of the group, that’s why I'm the kidnapper, and named after the university, anymore questions?”

 I was shocked, how muchPrincetonwas telling me, he was kidnapping me and I wasn’t in a van, locked up and taped. I was tightly strapped onto the seat, I couldn’t move. He seemed to be enjoying his so called ‘job’. Since I was going no where, I might as well have a decent conversation before I join dad in heaven. “Why are you so calm about this? Aren’t you scared about being found out? And you look so young; you could actually go to Princeton, instead of being called that.” He looked surprised. “The real question is, why are you so calm? Normally girls are screaming the car down, thinking they can get passed the soundproof car insulation. I’m calm because I do this all the time, im used to it. And no, I can outsmart the police, the lie detectors, everything, I wasn’t calledPrincetonfor nothing, and I am young, 18 to be precise, and I had no choice”

 We pulled up at the gates. He pressed something underneath the seat and a voice came through the speakers, it was a womanly voice. “Princeton you have Alexis Marie Summers right? If you haven’t, you are in deep trouble with Walter, his been waiting on you for hours!” she said. “Yes, Yes, Yes, Keisha, just open the gates!” he said breathtakingly.Princeton cut off the engine and two guys opened my door, and took me out. “Aye Prince, this shawty fine. You sure Walter said she still has her V?” The guy with long hair said. “Ray, she’s stupid, but surprising. Hold her properly; I feel she has something hidden. Roc, sort out your eyes, they shouldn’t be on her breasts, they should be on the corridor, to get to Walter.”

 We walked passed many doors, they had names on them, underneath the name they had ‘recent’ and ‘never used’. It was a long corridor, I could feel a bruise already forming on my right upper arm, it was the Roc guy, he was holding my arm super tight. As we got outside the office, a really tall man was in front of the door. He looked at me and nodded at Princeton, Roc and Ray. “Walter, we have her.” The body guard announced. The man in the swivel chair looked at me, his eyes were hard and evil at first, and then they instantly softened. Roc and Ray sat me down, strapped me in the chair and left the room.Princeton took the seat next to me.

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