chapter 2

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Sitting in the back with Adrien Agreste. What a life.

Your sketchpad was on top of your notebook when you were listening to Mr. Damocles' story. Students around you were intrigued, some bored out of their minds but they don't complain.

You didn't want to sit through his story of being a wannabe superhero so you just brought your papers and just draw, draw, draw.

The boy beside you, however, was using his phone, scrolling through all of his social media. You rolled your eyes and waited for the class to finish.

The class bell finally rang, you almost letting out a loud sigh of relief. But before you could even take your stuff away, Mr. Damocles had one final announcement to make.

He cleared his throat. "Class, as you all know, since you are all in your final year, this school will be having an acquaintance party!"

The class was filled with mixed responses; the half were groans, while the other half were squeals of joy and excitement. You didn't know how to respond to that so you just frowned at the thought of dancing awkwardly.

"That's right, students!" Ms. Bustier, who had appeared out of nowhere, said. She explained how we 10th graders should prepare for the event they're proud to present.

You huffed. You were having mixed feelings about this, and none of those feelings were positive.

The teacher told everyone that the theme would be "denim", as in everyone should wear denim.

The two faculty members eventually left after declaring a recess. You immediately thrown yourself on Alya's table. "How many weeks do we have left?"

"Um," Alya said, her eyebrow raised slightly. "2 weeks."

You slumped further as the answer lingered in your mind. 2 weeks. You panicked a little, seeing the clothes in your closet were nothing but sweaters and shirts. The jeans could count, but that's it.

Alya called your name. She placed a hand on your shoulder. "What's the problem?"

"Uh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it." You laughed nervously, luckily her friend didn't notice it. "I'm just gonna go to the restroom."

Alya nodded. "Sure. I'll wait for you in the cafeteria."

You told her your own reply and went quickly as you could to the restroom. You really did not want to use the toilet, you guessed you just want to have some space from recovering to an almost panic attack.

Okay. The party is in two weeks and you don't have anything to wear. It's fine, you could just ask your mom for it. Maybe she could lend you an old denim outfit just for the occasion.

You should just worry about all of that later. There's still 2 weeks left.

You exited the room with a deep breath and went to the cafeteria full of people. Nonetheless, you found your friends pretty easily, your table consisting of Alya, Marinette, Nathaniel, Adrien, and Nino.

While you were eating your lunch, Nino suddenly piped up. "Hey, wanna hang out after school?

"Yeah, sure," You, Marinette and Alya answered instantly.

Nathaniel did not want to come. Although you had expected nothing more from the tomato-boy, it's still a bummer how he didn't want to join. He just wants to be alone, you guess. Well, you want to be alone with him.

"Adrien?" Nino called, snapping said boy from his thoughts. "What about you, dude?"

Adrien blinked once, maybe twice. It was beginning to look strange, it was almost concerning. "What were you saying?"

Nino groaned. "You weren't even listening! Are you thinking about Marinette again?" He clearly was aware of the bluenette girl sitting just a few feet away from him, he just wanted to embarass his blond friend.

"Dude!" Adrien hissed, looking all upset, with his face heating up. He knew he was trying to move on from all of that, but Nino just had to bring that up again. "I'm not, okay, I just didn't hear you!"

"Okay, Adrien." Nino laughed. "Chill."

You held in a laugh. Nino was having too much fun.

Nino had repeated his question, with Adrien declining. "I have fencing practice. Sorry, Nino."

"Nah, it's okay. You can always join us next time."

The blond smiled. He will always gonna appreciate his best friend Nino being understanding and all that.

You stared blankly. "Well, that happened."

Alya nodded. "Indeed."

end of chapter two


ok all, im going to make this season 2 short and straight to the point. im gonna try okay. i don't know how it will turn out, but i really want to end this story already.

but im really lazy these days and i blame myself for not getting these chapter out sooner than later.

that's all. sorry for all the grammar and spelling mistakes. im writing this half-asleep and half-dreaming about tom holland


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