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Get ready to witness a mixture of hurt, love, pain, and happiness; throwing in a few hormonal teenagers, of course.


Casey Andrews.

The it-girl. The Queen B.
A sassy, hot & direct girl who doesn't take or give shits.
She is a Mathlete, the captain, actually, and -wait for it- the 'Player' of Redland High.

Chester Jones.

The Quarterback. The Nerd.
A good looking, super intelligent nerd who just happens to be the Quarterback of the team.

Here comes the catch-
Usually, the 'bad boy' needs the 'good girl's' help. . .right?

But, oh no, not here.

When -hot & witty, queen b- Casey's big reputation is in danger, and her 200k Instagram following demands to see her go to the Winter Formal with the QB, she has no other option, than to ask -good boy & nerdy- Chester. And her, being person she is, she eventually blackmails him into coming with her.

But the thing is, a lot can happen in the time being.

No, this isn't a story about a "playboy" falling for the "good nerdy girl" & changing his ways.
It's about something completely and utterly twisted.

. . .because here you've got, the Roles Reversed.


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