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Warning sexual content!! If u r underage or do not like this type of writing I will tell you where to skip to
Sophia's POV
Titus picked me up bridal style and held me close to him. I could feel him shaking as he tried to control himself but it was hard. I was only in my underwear. The sparks were 10 times more effective than how they usually feel.

He set me down on the bed. As his hands left my body, it instantly craved his touch on mine. I let out a whine and tossed and turned. The intense heat in the pit of my stomach came back as he backed away from me.

"I'm going to start a bath for you, it'll help with the pain," he says as he walks into the bathroom. I let out a groan as he walks further away from me. The pain spread through my body and wolf called out to Titus. He came out of the bathroom and his fresh scent made the pain soothe slightly but not enough. I let out another wimpier as pang of pain struck my stomach.

"It hurts," I cry as I hold my stomach. I push my head back into the pillow instead of focusing on the pain.

"Shh I know baby," Titus coos from beside me. He still kept his distance but his eyes still glowed the bright golden.

"Your bath is ready but leave the door open just in case something happens," he says handing me a towel. I felt my power being drained out as I weakly sat up. I slowly make my way to the bathroom and collapse on the floor. My hand knocks something off the side of the sink and makes a loud noise.

"Sophia are you okay?" You could hear the urgency in his voice. I took a deep breath and focused on my wolf.

"Yeah, yeah Titus I'm fine," I mumble. A normal human wouldn't have heard me but his wolf is on edge so he would have definitely heard me. I take in a deep breath and pull myself up. I carefully strip, making sure I make no sudden movements. There was a pair of fresh clothes that had Titus scent all over it. A hoodie and my favorite sweatpants.

I climb into the tub carefully and let out a sigh of content as my body seemed to become less tense as the hot water surrounded my body.

Titus' POV
I paced back in front of the bathroom door, trying to control my wolf. Before I left I got pain killers and her meds for her heat. Dr. Jones told me her heat is one of the worse she's ever seen. Fuck why did I let her go in there by her self. I started to get furious at myself and my wolf started to growl when I felt another wave of pain flow through her body.

Her pain was mirrored in my body but less intense. The pain going through my body made me tense up slightly so I could only imagine how she was feeling.

"Are you okay baby," I ask through our link.

"Yeah I'm almost done just give me a few more minutes," she replies. My wolf let out a purr as her voice soothed him. He was now constantly on edge. Sophia's scent became 10 times more intoxicating to me and it took all my will power to restrain myself from her. I would never try to force anything upon her.

I heard the bathtub start to drain and my wolf's ear perked up.

Sophia's POV
I came out fully dressed and Titus scent around me made me more relaxed. I saw Titus and smiled but then another spike of pain in my abdomen made me stumble forward into his arms. It was worse than all the other ones before. Titus' arms hands caught my waist and it felt like lightening flew through my body. I had to hold back a moan from the intensity of the pleasure from his touch.

Titus lets out a deep rumble of approval as his eyes began to glow brighter. He carried me to the bed again and handed my three pills.

"One is pain killers and the other two is your regular meds," he said giving me a glass of water. I popped one at a time and set the glass on the table.

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