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Peters pov:

Today I needed to go back to aunt May's to get everything I left there. Before I didn't bother because I had no where to put anything but now that I have an actual home I have room for it.

" you ready kid," Happy Mr. Starks body guard asks me.

" yeah," I reply before following him to the car.

I was kinda nervous with going back. I didn't know how May was going to react with seeing me again. I don't want to stay long. I'm just going to grab my stuff and leave.

Soon enough we were there and I couldn't be more nervous.

" go on kid I'll wait hear," happy informs me.

I got out of the car and headed to the front door. As soon as I knocked I heard immediate footsteps coming my way. The door soon opened to reveal aunt May.

" peter come in," May insists with a soft smile.

Once I am inside she closes the door before talking again.

" peter please don't go," she begs to my surprise. Why would she want me back? I just stare back at her not knowing what to say.

" peter I'm so sorry for how I treated you but I was just angry but didn't want you to actually leave," she informs me. I didn't know what to feel. I have a home where the people actually care about me now. Not to mention I'm literally living with the avengers. I just don't think I really want to lose all that and come back here.

" I.. I'll have to think about it," I tell her before heading to my room. I grab all of my old clothes and junk that I left behind. I quickly pack it all up before heading to the front door. May is still standing there with a look of worry.

" peter please," she pleads one last time. I give her a look of guilt before saying " I'll think about it. I just need some time,"

She must of knew that meant no because the next thing she did when I was about to go out the door was tightly grip my arm.

" you can't go," she informs me sternly. She then tightly engulfs me in a hug and I can hear her slightly cry.

" May I have to go," I say trying to release myself from her tight grip. She only holds me tighter though.

" May please I promise I'll come see you," I reassure her.

" it's not the same peter and you know that," she informs me. How am I going to get out of this? I don't want to hurt her but I just can't stay here anymore.

She then lightly kisses my forehead before releasing me.

" you better come see me every week," she says sternly. I'm glad she finally gave in because I don't know what I would do if she didn't.

" I will bye May," I assure her before heading out the front door.

Do you feel bad for May?

Do you think peter should of stayed?

What do you want to see more of in future chapters?

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If you haven't already please go check out my new spider son one shot book!!!!

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