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Dear reader

Thank you so much for clicking on my book! This is a Draco Malfoy fanfiction (duh), which I have written during my Draco fan phase. Before you start reading, I'd like to comment on a couple of things. This is simply to avoid confusion and explain some things that I've seen comments about.

1. YOUR HOUSE: In this book, you will be a Ravenclaw. I'm sorry if that's not your house, but I can't please everyone. Ravenclaw is my house, so I really wanted to use that in my story. I hope it's not something that will make you stop reading. I tried to make a story that applies to all houses, but that was simply impossible because of friendship, mindset etc. I hope you don't mind.

2. GRAMMAR: My main language is NOT English. My main language is Dutch. I edited this book and took out all spelling and grammar mistakes I could find, but I probably overlooked some. If you find any, you may always tell me in a comment - I'd love that even. I don't think there are super many, but definitely some, so I thought I'd give you a heads-up.

3. AGE CHO AND LUNA: In this book, Cho and Luna are your friends and they are the same age as you are (Harry's age). I know that Cho's a year older and Luna a year younger, but I changed that for the sake of the story. There are very little Ravenclaws known and you without friends in class would be a little sad, no? So I know it is "wrong", but I did that on purpose.

4. COMMENTS: I love love love reading your comments, it's the highlight of my day! So definitely leave one if you have something to say. I am also very open to criticism, but please let it be constructive criticism. I've read comments calling me "stupid" because of a spelling mistake, or a "bad writer who doesn't do research" because of the Luna-Cho age thing (even though I addressed it) and that hurts. I have put my heart in this fanfic and I put it out there to share it with my fellow Draco fans, so please respect my work and me as an author.

I think that was all I wanted to say. Thanks again for reading this story and without further ado: good luck ;).

Xox Hanne

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