The Little Girl Who Cried For Her Wolf (3)

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"I love you Wolfie." I tensed slightly at the old nick name and soon realized she had fallen asleep. She is in my arms where she belongs.

Kane's P.O.V

Aria woke as the sun rose, and she snuggled closer to me which immediately brought a smile to my face. I chuckled at how cute and vulnerable she looked, but stopped immediately as she tensed beside me, tears falling slowly down her cheeks. I soon realized that she may think we did something last night, so I hid the hurt in my voice and spoke:

"Aria, sweetheart, why are you crying? Nothing happened between us if that's the reason. I swear you were like that when I found you with Clark." Worry overtook me, but it was nothing compared to the pain and rejection I felt at the thought of her not wanting me. My wolf whimpered and told me to make her love me. I shook my head as she opened her eyes. A small smile lit her face and it was enough to comfort the worry I once felt. Her expression quickly changed t one of fear as she asked me of Clark's whereabouts.

"After he woke up from his knockout he jumped out the window, and disappeared." My wolf howled smugly as he realized he succeeded in protecting her. Why? I asked myself. I just don't get how she quickly became such a huge part of my world. The shuffling of sheets brought me back to reality. My eyes uncontrollably scanned her beautiful figure and made its way back to her soft lips. I felt a sudden heat and passion overtake me as I slowly inched forward, giving her enough time to pull away or stop me. Though to my wolf's joy she began to lean forward also. I was about to close the distance when the sound of a phone went off. Startling me, and breaking the trance on me I jumped back. Her eyes scanned the message helplessness written across her face. She shivered and looked up at me with tear filled eyes.

"Kane I think its best if you leave." My face scrunched in confusion. Why was she hiding something from me?

Aria's P.O.V (sorry about the change. Do you guys not like it?)

I squinted at the sudden light that filtered through my closed eyelids. A sudden breeze sending shivers down my spine, though I could feel a certain heat spreading over me from the right. I snuggled closer into it. Trying desperately to embed myself into the warmth. I jumped back as I heard a deep chuckle, and my eyes instinctively shut. No, No, it's Clark. How could this happen? All I remember clearly is being dragged out the shower. My hands began to tremble as tears flooded into my eyes. The reason for my lack of warmth was, as I now realized, due to the lack of clothing I had on.Tears began to roll down my eyes at the thought of what happened last night and I was saving it for.. Who were you saving it for Aria? For Kane perhaps? A quiet part of me asked. I shook my head forcefully, but for some reason I felt content with the thought of me and Kane. Why?

"Aria, sweetheart, why are you crying? Nothing happened between us if that's the reason. I swear you were like that when I found you with Clark." His succulent and sexy voice filtered through my ears, and I reluctantly opened my eyes. I was afraid the voice was a mirage, and when I opened my eyes I would be faced with a smirking Clark. Oh how wrong I was. I blinked from the sudden burst of light, and as my eyes adjusted I was faced with the sweet image of Kane. I couldn't help it as a small smile lit my face. I relaxed slightly until I registered his words. Clark, he really was here last night. I looked up at Kane with fear in my eyes.

"W-where is he?" I was terrified of his answer. Clark wouldn't be happy if he knew I was with Kane. Somehow I knew that Clark had a terrible power within him, one that I would not dare test.

"After he woke up from his knockout he jumped out the window, and disappeared." He smiled smugly as he mentioned the knockout. We sat in silence as I hugged the sheets closer to my bare skin. His eyes traveled lightly across my frame before traveling back up to my lips. A heated tension filled the air as he inched forward ever so slowly. Aria stop him or Clark will punish you. I tried desperately to grab control of my movements, but it was as if some unknown force was pulling our very souls together. We were a mere centimeter apart when the shrill ring of my cellphone jolted us back a foot. I reached forward, carefully, and read the message displayed on the screen. It read: Watch what you doing with him Aria. You belong to me, and don't you dare forget it. A shiver ran through me at the underlying threat in his words.

"Look Ari you can tell me anything you know that right?" My resolve weakened at the use of his old nickname. I had to protect him from Clark. I couldn't put him at risk, so I sucked in a deep breath and faced him.

"Kane I just need some alone time. Plus Clark's my boyfriend so we shouldn't be doing these things." I was lying through my teeth now, and I knew he could tell. He shook his head and stormed away slamming the door as he left. With each receding footstep a part of me broke. I silently wished I had never met Clark.



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