Alpha Caspian.

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"I need you in my office, now." the deep voice vibrates within the confines of my mind. it didn't matter how many times I had heard his commanding tone, it still set my blood on fire every single time. without hesitation, almost as if on autopilot locked into his location, my body effortlessly glided through the hallways. once I reached his door I couldn't help but take a deep breath, if only to rein in my nerves. I knocked briskly before he answered gruffly with a "you may enter".
crossing the threshold as I did many times before, the wind was knocked out of me as my eyes adjusted to the sight of my Alpha in nothing but black sweatpants.

"you summoned me, Alpha?" I asked softly, head down in a show of submission.

"have you been a good girl today, Kitten?" he questioned. peeking from under my lashes I caught a glimpse of his taut body resting again the dark wood of his desk.

"you may speak" he said before I lifted my face and made eye contact. biting my lip in the way I knew drove him crazy.

I responded "yes, I have" as I anxiously brushed my dark hair out of my face.

he stared on, hues of honey rising to meet me mixing in his beautiful blue eyes. it felt like hours passed before he spoke decisively.

"Good, now take those clothes off. Let me see you." he stated.

without a second thought, I stripped and met his gaze in my lingerie set. feeling extra brazen by the hunger depicted on his face I asked,

"Do you like what you see, Master?"

he was upon me in a flash, body pressed hard upon my heated skin. the hard wood of the door pressed into my back, giving me further incentive to arch into him.

he buried his face into the crook of my neck, taking a deep breath as if he wanted to commit my scent to memory.

"what should I do with you?" he whispered into my ear, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

"anything you want" I replied, breathless and drowning in the incessant need to climb him like a tree.

his lips were upon me immediately. and before I knew it, his tongue demanded entrance. weaving his fingers in my hair, he pulled aggressively in a way that ignited my wolf. slipping into my more animalistic tendencies I growled into his mouth. the sound did nothing to cease the dominance that fueled his existence, as he pulled my thighs upwards until they nestled on his hips. I could concentrate on nothing but his tongue, his lips, his hard dick rubbing against me so slightly it almost felt sinful. I couldn't take it any longer, the chemistry suffocating me and demanding more.

"please master" I begged through our mindlink.

"as you wish, Kitten" he responded telepathically as he walked me over to his desk. he promptly threw all the contents to the floor and set me down.

"turn around" he spoke out loud as I stood before him, shamelessly panting like a bitch in heat. I raised a brow, and instant regret came to me a moment later as he forcefully spun me and pinned me with my ass in the air.

"you forget I don't fucking ask twice" he gritted out through clenched teeth, a fresh new wave of arousal hitting me like a freight train.

"you're such a filthy slut for me. I can smell how hot you are right now in this position. your ass in the air, begging to be reddened." he rasped as he brought his pants down to his ankles.

With my head facing forward I watched every movement he made in the mirror in front of me. I was hypnotized by him as he dropped his briefs to reveal his erection, all the while i continued to remain still. I was nothing if not needy, and past experience told me not to move if I was to get what I desperately wanted.

"is this what you want? you may speak" he demanded.

"fuck.. yes master. I want this so bad, please" I replied quickly.

"hurt me" I mindlinked, and I knew that's what would push him over the edge.

he sank into me without mercy in one strong stroke and I screamed out his name.

"this is what you fucking like huh? being bent over your Alpha's desk?" he asked before he brought down a heavy hand and spanked my bare ass.

"yes, yes, yes" I chanted over and over as he began to alternate slaps. I clenched around him involuntary, moaning out my approval. I could pretend I didn't enjoy the roughness, but what would be the fun in that? he slowed his pace and began to ease in and out of my pussy with torturously slow strokes. I huffed out my annoyance before I could think better of it and was greeted by his firm hand around my neck. as he tightened his grip, I found myself clenched around his cock. with a brash tug, my entire body was pressed against him and he used this new position to piston in and out of me with reckless abandon. I did nothing to silence my screams, I knew my Alpha loved to hear the pleasurable agony. He sunk his canines into my neck causing my eyes to roll back in my head and a whimper to slip past my parted lips.

"you exist to pleasure me, nothing more. your defiance does nothing but make me harder for you. look how that pussy takes me so well, cum for me Kitten" he demanded as his other hand came around to rub my clit vigorously. I couldn't hold on any longer and I would be lying if I said his command wasn't my undoing. I convulsed in his arms as he found his release shortly after, a panting mess against his sweat ridden torso. I couldn't believe I had fallen into this routine once again, but when Alpha calls... you answer.

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