Chapter 38: When Don't You Have A Plan?

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'Can you whistle?'

Ryn was taken aback by the question, as Colt paused on the curb of Trinity Rd.

From where they both stood, she could make out the towering skyscrapers off to the north, lining up like silhouettes against the bright, blue sky.

She could also spy the surrounding hills of the Valley, to either side of The Lights, curving up like green waves, ready to crash down upon the city had they not been frozen in place. Her eyes caught upon a wash of brown rock, where a plateau jut out from the rest of the greenery.

That had been where it all started, hadn't it?

Falling from that cliff, waking up in a new time, with new abilities.

She hadn't had much of a chance to dwell upon the strangeness of it all recently.

How had any of it really happened, to begin with?

She was starting to believe that any such questions would never reveal their answers, at this rate.

'Whistle?' She turned to him with narrowed eyes, her focus spilling back out of its reverie and into the present. 'Why?'

'Well,' he gazed out at the bustling street before them. 'We need to call a taxi, somehow, and... I can't whistle very well...'

She almost laughed.

Here he was, a boy who could transform himself into a giant wolf-like monster at – almost – his own will, and yet he was incapable of whistling?

'It's not funny,' he gave her a light shove, when she failed at hiding her own smile.

'It's a little bit funny,' she admitted with a shrug. 'But uh... as to answer your question, yes, yes I can.'

'I'm glad to hear it, because,' he pointed. 'One's headed our way.'

She followed his line of sight to the rapidly approaching yellow vehicle, and when it came within range, she brought her fingers to her lips and blew.

The pitch of the resulting whistle startled her, and she saw Colt step back slightly in mild surprise.

Almost immediately, the taxi had screeched to a halt against the curb before them.

Ryn was amazed at how effectively that worked.

'How do they even hear you from inside the car?' she wondered aloud.

'I think the whole city could have heard that,' Colt shook his head, as though ridding himself of a daze. His hand reached up to massage his ear, as he added, 'And I'm pretty sure I've gone deaf.'

'Sorry,' she cringed. 'I've never whistled that loud before...'

'I'm sorry, did you say something?' he asked, but she could see that humorous glint playing behind his eyes, the smile curling at his lips taking away all credit from the seriousness of his voice.

'Tease,' she muttered with a curling smile of her own.

He opened the door and gestured with a courtly sweep of his arm for her to enter first.

'Oh, so gentlemen do still exist in the twenty first century?'

At first, she cringed at her own words, mentioning the present century so casually as if she didn't belong to it herself.... But Colt didn't seem to notice anything strange.

He merely shrugged, sliding into the car after her. 'Someone has to keep chivalry alive, I suppose.'

'So where are you two lovebirds off to, this morning?' The taxi driver questioned from the front, a smile playing through his bushy grey beard.

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