life as a teenage call girl

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hi everyone :) i have never written a story and put it out there for people to see so feel free to comment me with any advice that you may have and i will take it all on board :) its a bit slow at first because i was tryin to build the two main charecters up so i hope you like...

Angels POV

I got thrown on the bed, "come and get me baby" i said gigling like a school girl. The guy came towards me, i couldnt remember his name id rather not know. He forced himself on top of my body ripping my pantys off me and forcing his dick into me. Then like always, in a matter of minutes it was over....


i looked over at my alarm clock 6:45AM, fuck who is ringing me at this time in the morning? i grabbed my phone off the bedside table, unknown number.


"RISE AND SHINE PRINCESS COME LET ME IN!!" my best friend April was screaming at me on the other end. i just hung up i couldnt deal with the noise, especially this early in the morning and after last night.

i shuddered.. i dont even wanna think about last night. i pulled myself out of bed chucked my daggy trackies on and went down stairs to let April in.

"look what i got for us to make the day go faster" april whispered as she walked in, she was holding two bags of white powder

"put that away" i hissed fuck she didnt think sometimes what would have happened if my mum walked in i hated to think about it.

"what are you doing here this early anyway april you finished later than i did last night" i whispered as we walked up the stairs to my room when i reached the top april grabbed me and slammed me agaist the wall.

"one day," she whispered in my ear " when your as sexy as me.. ill tell you my secret" she kissed me on the cheek and laughed and made her way into my room..

god i hated it when she did that

Aprils POV

I bounced on Angels bed while i wated for her to get out of the shower, god she was taking forever.  Finally she walked through the door "about bloody time i thought you had falled down the drain"

"oh haha very funny"

i smiled at her as i opened the drawer on the side table and rummaged around for a bit "ah ha" i said finally finding what i was looking for, a mirror and a razor blade.

i tipped some of the white powder out of the baggie and started cutting it.

i glanced over at angel who was getting dressed, god she looked HOT in just a towel. I thought Angel was the most beautiful person i had ever met. she had the softst blonde hair but she dyed it black underneath and the most beautiful green eyes.

Me on the other hand, i had blue eyes and blonde and purple hair, im a bit more out there than Angel.

I rolled up a 5 dollar note and snorted a line of coke, yep that hit the spot "oi dont be a hog" angel yelled, unusual for her i usually have to ask her more than twice if she wanted a line.

 "Are you ok hun?"

"yep fine, just had a realy shit client last night" and with that she snorted a line 

"righto we better go we are going to be late for school if we dont" i said looking at the time," if i get caught late again they will put me in detention for a month"

"fuck that im so over this shit, ill drive" Angel said impaticently

sorry it was only short guys so let me know what you think so far then if i have the time ill upload the next lot :)

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