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Once a upon a time ther was a happy family who like to help people they have 2 kids girl and a boy then went to an orphanage the father saw a girl drawing a lion with her children the girls name is aster she dont look like a small girl she looks like a big girl so the father sat beside her and suddenly his wife came and saw he told his wife cone and see this girl shes so cute and an artist saw the man and hi wife decided to take this girl as a daughter for them saw they took her to their house and she meet her new brother and sister the brother didnt like her but the small sister liked her very much so the became friends abd the very next day aster went to school her friends started to laugh at her so aster decided to retaliate them so the very next day the all went to the park aster saw her friend that was laughing at her she pushed her and the girls leg was broken and thefamily went home and the children went to sleep and the parents went to the kitchen and aster didnt sleep she went to the kitchen she saw the parents kissing and taking clothes out she ran quickly to her room but they saw her running saw they were their clothes and the very next day the brother went to his house tree aster went their and burnt the house tree and the brother died and his parents took him to the hospital and the mother went to the hostipal to with her daughter and aster stayed with the husband alone in the house so at this moment the orphanage called the mother and told her that aster is 30 years old and a killer so the father was drunk and aster went upstairs wearing a short dress and a high heels and putting makeup and she went to the husband and start kissing him and the husband pushed her and she went upstairs crying she went down again holding a knife she killed the husband and the wife went home with her daughter she saw her husband killed she start crying and she told her daughter go hide and dont move from your place ok and the wife and aster went outside fighting and the wife hold aster till the police came and took aster to the gail.

The End 😥

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