Hangover hospital

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"This place is going to completely, and utterly destroy the Full Moon Party," Jak exclaimed, with a look of both excitement and trepidation.

They were standing on the banks of Mae Haad, listening to Sunny describe his vision for the island in great detail.

Sunny nodded his head knowingly at Jak.

Jak translated for his Thai colleague, Chai, the manager of his mom's company. Jak had brought Chai along to help them with recommendations as they started planning the island transformation. Sunny had agreed to all their terms, including Jak's requirement of being head architect, Jak's request that Sunny use his mom's construction company, and Chara and Anna's request to handle the aesthetics. Sunny also asked the girls to handle all the PR and marketing, and for Jak to be the General Manager. They had agreed.

Sunny's son Vinny, who had flown down the day before, had also joined them. He wore Gucci shades, a Lacoste T-shirt, Armani jean shorts, a Piaget watch, and leopard skin sandals--slightly more dressed for the beach than his dad, but significantly flashier. He had beautiful brown eyes, big lips, and a bold jawline.

Just Anna's type.

She'd made what she'd probably hoped was a subtle effort to stand close to him and chat with him since their arrival earlier that day. But Chara and Jak had just looked at one another and rolled their eyes. Anna was such a flirt.

They all went to sit down at the beachside restaurant, pushing two of the wobbly bamboo tables together and bringing some plastic chairs over so there was room for all of them. It was a slightly overcast day, so the sun didn't beat down on them with as much strength as it normally did--something for which they were all thankful.

Sunny reached into his briefcase and took out a rolled up piece of paper. Removing the elastic band, he laid it out on the table. It was his initial drawings for the construction.

"This is where I see the nightclub going," he pointed, then pointing to the island itself to show them in where it would go in reality. He pointed to the far west of the island--the space most densely populated with trees.

"Is that a second storey?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, it's actually three storeys high," Sunny corrected her, with a nod.

"It's decked out with two state-of-the-art DJ booths too," chimed in Vinny, popping the collar on his shirt. "I'm designing them so they'll meet the standards of even the most sought-after DJs in the world."

"Wow," Anna raised her eyebrows, curling a blond hair around her index finger.

"We're not going to cut away too much vegetation for the walkways. I want to leave as much nature as possible on the island. This path," Sunny pointed to a walkway on the drawing, "will lead down to the beach lounge area. Here, we'll have tons of plush loungers, beanbags and lots of umbrellas for shade. There isn't much beach there now, but once we clear a bunch of the rocks and vegetation away, we'll have a nice big, beautiful white sand beach. I thought we could put a big screen up on the far end of the beach so that we could have movie-on-the-beach nights. Over here on this side," he pointed to the other end of the beach, "we'll have a beachfront restaurant and bar that'll serve light fare, lunches, and tropical cocktails, and of course, beer."

"Oh, that's a cool idea," said Chara.

"The path continues around here," he pointed past the beach, towards the other end of the island, "where we're going to build an inflatable obstacle course right on the water just like you see on TV. I've already sourced and ordered the inflatables from China."

He continued, pointing on the drawing at a point around the bend from the part of the island they couldn't see in real life from their vantage point. "Steps here will lead up to our gigantic multi-tiered pool. The top, shallowest tier will be completely encircled by a swim-up bar lined with stools all around the edge, submerged in the water. This section will be solely for lounging. It'll also have submerged lounge beds with massage jets, and a jacuzzi. The second tier will be deeper and more for splashing about. We'll have a water volleyball court and other sorts of fun games in this section. The third and deepest tier will be where we have our water slides. These won't just be any water slides--they'll have a ramp at the end so that they'll launch you up into the air before you crash back down into the water below."

"Continuing past the pool area, you'll come to our Hangover Hospital. It features a bar that serves the best Bloody Marys in Thailand--I've already sourced the bartender from Bangkok. There'll be saunas to sweat out the toxins, and cold showers for in between sauna sessions. We'll also have a massage section with trained therapists on call. I even plan to have hangover nurses who deliver shots of B vitamin, and for really bad hangovers, guests can be hooked up to an IV, which makes you feel right as rain, I'm told."

Vinny nodded in agreement, "That was my idea. I've had a few IVs after a big night out. They really, really help. Vitamin B shots work a treat too," he nodded confidently.

Sunny pointed to the next section on the drawing, continuing on around the corner from the Hangover Hospital. 'Here, we'll have the main restaurant where we'll serve the breakfast buffet. It'll also serve lunch and dinner. I'm flying in a Michelin-starred chef to train our team and prepare our menu. I've positioned the restaurant so that it overlooks what I think is one of the best views on the island."

"What kind of cuisine are you thinking?" asked Anna.

"Locally sourced ingredients prepared using Pan-Asian techniques with French-inspired presentation," Vinny answered, jumping in before his dad could respond.

"That sounds really good. Speaking of which, should we order something?" Jak jumped in. They'd been so wrapped up listening to Sunny describe his vision for the island that they'd forgotten to order drinks.

"Yeah good idea, I'm parched," agreed Chara.

Vinny put his hand up and called the waiter over with a wave of his hand. He spoke quickly to the waiter in fluent Thai, not even asking the rest of them what they wanted but winking at them reassuringly to let them know he was ordering for them too.

The waiter took the order and walked away swiftly.

"So, like, where will people stay?" Anna asked, looking at Vinny and still curling her blond hair around her finger.

Vinny opened his mouth to answer, but his dad started talking first. "Yes, I was just getting to that," Sunny replied. "Just after the restaurant, we have the bungalows. There'll be 20 standard, 20 deluxe, 40 superior and 20 penthouse suites."

Jak did the math, "OK so 100 rooms, total."


The waiter came back with five Singhas and a soda water. They took their drinks and cheersed them delicately, careful not to spill on Sunny's drawings.

Sunny spoke in Thai to Jak and Chai, who sat beside him. Chai was dressed inexplicably in a long-sleeved T-shirt and full-length jeans. It may not be the hottest of days, but it's still far too warm for long sleeves, Chara thought to herself. Chai looked at his lap when Sunny spoke to him, and seemed only comfortable responding quietly to Jak.

Sunny translated for the group. "I was just asking Jak and Chai how long they think the build will take. Chai has said he thinks it's doable in just five months."

"Five months!" Chara exclaimed. That seemed like no time at all for such a massive undertaking.

"Yes, I think it may be longer. Usually, in Thailand, you can double or even triple the building timelines you're given."

"Not with our company," Jak insisted, shaking his head. "If we say five months, it'll be done in five months. We're not cheap, but we're reliable."

Sunny and Vinny nodded their approval. Clearly, that's what they were looking for.

"There are still a few details that we need to work out," Vinny pointed out after taking a sip of his beer. As he spoke he touched his fingertips together in front of him. The sun glinted off his gold rings. "I've been thinking of a helipad, a whiskey and cigar lounge, and a champagne bar too."

Anna clapped her hands together in excitement. "This is going to be awesome!"

Vinny winked at her. "And of course, we have to start planning one hell of an opening night. It's going to be the biggest party this island has ever seen."

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