Chapter Twelve|Reparo

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Marisol cried in her friend's arms for another hour. She had fallen asleep and they managed to put her in her bed.

Leah looked around and took out her wand. "Reparo." The mirror was no longer cracked. Alicia picked up the nightstand and placed everything back on it. Angelina organized her books and put them on a desk.

They got dressed and ready for bed, winding down from today's events.

"Leah?" Alicia got her friend's attention from across the room.

"Yes, Alicia?"

Alicia sighed. "About the Fred thing, I'm sorry I said something. You didn't contribute to the situation and I'm sorry for suggesting you did." Alicia took a pause and Leah simply nodded.

"I think you two would be rather nice together." Alicia then smiled and turned out her lamp.

"She's not wrong." muttered Angelina from her bed.

Leah sighed and turned out the last light, turning on her side and closing her eyes.

Leah didn't know what her feelings were on the matter with Fred. The talked frequently and were sometimes very awkward around each other, but that didn't mean anything.

Did it?

Leah wished she could say Reparo and her problems could be solved.

Leah woke up the next morning ready to go to class. Before she even could brush her teeth, she walked over and canceled Marisol's preset alarm. Instead, she gently said Marisol's name to wake her up.

"Marisol. Marisol, we have to go get breakfast and go to class."

The light blonde girl slowly woke up. She found Leah sitting on her bed, waiting for her.

"Do I have to go to class? I don't want to." said the groggy girl.

"Well you don't have charms today so we can work a bit on it later before your class tomorrow." said Leah.

Marisol nodded and proceeded to get ready. The rest of the girls did the same and walked out to get breakfast.

Fred, George, and Lee watched as their friends walked in. They all sat down and grabbed breakfast items.

Lee noticed how Marisol wasn't reading, and he noticed she was being really quiet today.

Fred and George were able to make the connection that the Hogwarts marathon was due to something involving Marisol. They didn't dare ask, the didn't feel it would be very proper of them.

So they all just ate their breakfast in a comfortable silence.

After the last class of the day, Leah immediately went to the dormitory. She searched through her trunk to find fifth-year charms materials, which she had already completed.

Once she gathered the supplies, she simply waited for her friend to arrive.

Marisol eventually walked through the door and saw Leah waiting. "Leah, can you maybe help me with charms today?" she asked.

Leah nodded. "Yes, let's go to the library. It's a more efficient work environment."

Marisol nodded and grabbed her charms materials. They headed off to the library in search of a repair for Marisol.

Fred and George had been relaxing out by the lake, The brothers had found their shady tree the enjoyed and decided to just enjoy the fresh air for a moment.

Fred was laying down, looking at the rustling leaves as his brother skipped stones a couple of feet away.


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