Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I smiled, looking at the person I had yearned for all these years. The shaggy dark brown hair, the warm chocolate eyes. The warm smile he always gave me. The strong arms, that would hold me as I cried into his strong chest. The guy that is the tallest I've ever seen.


I haven't seen him in four years, yet he's barely changed. I jumped into his warm, welcoming arms. He chuckled and stroked my hair softly.

"You haven't changed." He whispered like it was a secret. I looked up into his warm chocolate brown eyes, that I always felt when I saw.

"Niether have you!" I almost screamed. He gave a hearty laugh. He must be, what 21 now?! He's my brother. He left home when he was my age, breaking my heart. We were always so close. That night, he crept to my room and said he'll find me, no matter what happens. I've always kept that close to my heart. Finally, after a few moments, he pulled me away, keeping his hands on my shoulders. He looked me in the eyes seriously.

"Your street racing?" He asked, concern showing on his face, in his voice and in hisbig chocolateeyes. I sighed deeply, knowing this would happen. I nodded, slowly. He sighed, exasperated.

"You know, Ican't let you." He said. This is when the pouting begins.

"But-but!!! I've never ever been hurt!!!! And I'm alw-" He cuts off my tantrum.

"You'll get hurt soon enough." He said, lines creasing his forehead. I pouted, making a puppy dog face, I know he couldn't resist. He sighed, changing the subject.

"So, where are you living, now?" He asked. I looked down, sighing deeply.

"I live on the other side of town, by myself. I just moved here." I answered, quietly. I stared at the ground, nervously. My brother was silent.

"By yourself?" He questioned, confused. I nodded, not looking up.

"I ran away, and got a job here. My friend helped me." I explained, quietly. We stayed silent for a few moments. He pulled me into his arms. I pressed my face against his warm chest. I had missed him, so much.

"You'll come live with me." He stated, not as a question. I nodded and smiled.

"Follow me to the house, okay?" He asked. I nodded. I quickly got into my mustang. I looked into the mirror and gazed at my flushed face. I messed with the controls, until I got the air condition blowing. Logan pulled out of the arena and started driving to downtown. I followed, anxiously, wondering what kind of house he lived in. He turned down a narrow, one-way street. It was cobble stone. I turned, my car bumping slightly. We pulled into a bright green yard. I gazed up at the faded white, antique house. It had a neat yard, with a grey stone fountain in the middle. I stumbled out of my car, as Logan appeared at the car window. He laughed, steadying me.

"Like it?" He asked, chuckling. I nodded vigorously, staring at him with wide eyes. He laughed.

"D-do you live here by yourself?!" I asked, loudly. He rolled his eyes at me and shook his head.

"No, my friend and his younger brother live here too.... And so will you." He smiled and put his arm around my shoulders. He pulled me in and brought me into the living room. A guy, around my brothers age was lounged on the couch. He had midnight black shaggy hair and bright piercing blue eyes. He had a pale complexion and rounded face. He had a light spray of freckles across his cheeks. He looked very familiar.He looked slightly emo, but didn't. I couldn't explain it. A wide cheeky grin came across his pale pink thin lips. He looked me over, several times.

"Hmm, is this your new girlfriend, mate?" He asked with an Australian accent. Normally, I would've been screaming "No flippin way!!!!!!!!!!", but I was in shock. He couldn't be William. He just couldn't. William is the older brother to.... I just can't say or think his name without bursting into tears, though it screams at me everyday.

"Dude, it's Carmen!" My brother yelled at him. William chuckled, making a 'duh' face.

"Duh, of course it is." He laughed.

"Hey Carmen." He said. I barely heard him, lost in though of Ad- You can't cry! Not now! Wait, Logan said his friend and his brother. That couldn't mean that I would be living with him... I felt my body rattling as my brother shook me from my thoughts. I looked at him, my eyes wide.

"H-how can you do this to me, Logan? Why?" I whispered, so William couldn't hear. He sighed.

"Um, we'll be right back, Will." He took one look at me and nodded. Logan led me upstairs to what I presumed to be his bedroom. I sat on the black comforter on the bed. He had a few pictures of me on the white walls. It was quite plain. He looked at me, sighing.

"Look, I don't want you living by yourself and soon enough your going to ditch highschool and just work. I don't want that to happen to you. I know Adrian," I winced badly, the tears overflowing. I hadn't heard his name in so many years.

"hurt you badly, but you got to stay here, Carmen, please?" He pleaded. I sighed deeply and shakily. I wanted to commit suicide, because of Ad- I winced. Gosh, I'll be hearing his name so much now. I sighed and looked into Logan's big caring chocolate eyes. Dang, he can make me do anything. He hugged me tight. I savored the moment, wondering when he would get home.

"Do you want to go get some of your things, now? So you can sleep over?" He asked me softly, not pulling away from our hug.

"Yeah, I'll just pack an over night bag and things for school tomorrow." I answered, not moving from his arms. I wanted to stay in my older brothers protective arms forever. He pulled away and led me downstairs. I walked into an antique pasel green bathroom to make sure my makeup wasn't running. I wiped at it quickly, my eye liner had runa bit. I fixed my hair, making my side bangs look good. Then I walked back out to Logan. He rolled his eyes at me and headed downstairs. We got in my car, him in the passenger seat. He insisted on driving, but NO ONE touches my baby. We got to my shack of an apartment and I quickly gathered pajama's, necessities, makeup, etc. I packed it into two small bags and went back to the car. I was shaking, I was so nervous to see him. He basically ruined my life. I clutched onto my things. We arrived back at the vintage little house and his forest green BMW was in the cobblestone driveway. I gasped, shocked he was here already. Logan sighed and got out and went to my side to open the door. Logan pulled me out and we walked- well, I stumbled- to the door. Logan put his hand on the brass handle and turned it and pulled me into the living room.

There he was. The same shaggy midnight black hair, the piercing ice blue eyes. The muscular arms that always held me in embrace. The little freckles I would kiss on his cheeks. And those eyes... Those taunting eyes, that I fell for. The ones I'd stare at for hours, the ones that showed love, compassion, the ones that taunted me still, every night.



Pretty short, I know. Sorry. Hope you like it. Please, please, please tell me through a comment or vote. This ISN'T going to be an depression story, so not my type. Lol. I really hope you liked it.

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