Chapter One

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                       ••••Present Day••••
      Marinette played with the necklace around her neck, leaning against the window seal and stared outside. She had a laundry bin pressed firmly against her hip and her hand digging into the edge of the broken grip. The bluenette duly noted the fact that her phone was buzzing somewhere behind her.   

  Snowflakes tumbled from the sky, landing on the streets and melting almost instantly. Cars passed by, only slowing down for stop signs then pulling out to probably never come back. People buzzed on the streets, stopping at the sights the town had to offer.

     The bluenette absentmindedly rubbed a hand over her flat stomach. Her eyebrows were pulled together and her lip trembled as memories flashed past her eyes. Her phone rang again, and she pressed her eyes closed.

   Marinette sucked in a shaky breath before unclenching her fist and making her way to the couch. Gently resting the laundry bin on the couch, Marinette picked up her phone.

   "Hello?" Her voice shook, and she had to clear her throat.

   "Hey girl" Alya's voice was calmer than it usually was. Marinette wanted to tell Alya off, that she was fine beyond belief. But deep down inside, the bluenette knew that she probably couldn't handle any other tone.

  "I know you're probably busy, but we were about to head out to the bar that just opened not too far from the bakery. Kim said that it's wicked"

   Lowering herself on the couch, Marinette picked up one of the throw pillows and sat it in her lap. She hugged it tightly to her chest.

     "Alya, I'm not so sure about that" The bluenette answered.

   "I know it's hard, but you have to remember to have fun. Please girl? Just for me? The first round will be on me" Alya pressed, determined to make her friend say yes.

    Marinette scowled, staring at the carpet but not really seeing it. She didn't believe that Alya understood at all. She didn't believe it with an ounce of her soul. She knew that Burnett cared and that she probably wanted to help the bluenette much as she could. But it was impossible. The only true way for her to understand was for her to go through the same thing. And Marinette never wanted her friend to go through that.

   But maybe relaxing wouldn't be so hard. What with the last few months being so stressful. Marinette sighed, but a small smile formed on her lips. Going out was exactly what she needed.

   "You know what? That actually sounds great right now Alya. I'll be there in twenty."

   Saying their goodbyes, Marinette hung up and picked up the laundry basket. Swiftly walking to her room, the fashion designer dropped the basket on the bed and turned to her room with giddy excitement. Mannequins dotted the room, covered with newly stitched outfits.

   Marinette striped down and put on a strapless bra. Walking toward a mannequin, she pulled off a black dress off. Slipping it over her body, she looked in the mirror. The dress left her shoulders exposed and covered her arms with long sleeves. It hugged her body tightly, enlightening herself. Black leggings followed, being pulled up as far as they would go under the low cut dresses frilly bottom.

    "Shoes," The fashion designer said to no one in particular. "I need shoes that will go perfectly with this" Rushing to her closet, Marinette found blood red pumps.

   After years of wearing them and practice, the bluenette never really had any problems wearing pumps. If she was drunk or shoved it was a different story, but most of the time, neither was the case.

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