josuke - stress relief

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When you woke up this morning, you were feeling pretty good. You had a healthy amount of sleep, your homework was done and you didn't feel tired at all. So, going to school in a good mood was sure to bring a good school day, right? After all, that was what you were taught. Having a good attitude makes for a great day, or whatever adults say.

Walking out of your house, you saw two of your friends, Koichi and Yukako. Waving at them, you sped up your walking until you were with them. "(Name), you didn't forget to study, right?" Yukako asked, looking at you while preoccupying her hand with Koichi's. You blinked, confused. "Huh? Study for what?" You weren't sure what she meant. What was there to study for? Your teachers didn't mention anything about any tests.

"Mrs. Hajimura always springs surprise tests, I told you she was gonna give you a test today!" Yukako reminded you. That reminder was what turned your day from great to stressed.

"Whaaaat?! I didn't study at all!" You cried out, annoyed and nervous for the upcoming test. Mrs. Hajimura was one of the hardest teachers you had; no way you were gonna pass with no studying! You grabbed hold of Yukako's hands, a desperate look in your eyes. "Yukako, you gotta help me! Tell me the answers, what the questions are about, anything! My mom's so gonna kill me if she sees I failed a test!" You begged, surprising both Yukako and Koichi.

"Calm down! I'll help you!" She tried to reassure you, freeing her hands from your grasp. "If you really need help that badly, I'll help too." Koichi offered, feeling pity for your pathetic self. You grinned, nearly bursting into tears.

"You, you guys! Thank youuuu!"

"It's no big deal, really! Now come on, Josuke and Okuyasu are waiting at the cafe!"

"Eeehh?! And no one told me? Traitors!"

Hearing Josuke's name made your heart skip a beat, though. You two had been dating for four and a half months now, yet your cheeks still turned bright red whenever you two hugged, or when he kissed your cheek. Whenever Josuke flirted with you or dropped a pickup line, your heart always went racing. Honestly, you really liked that boy.

Thinking about Josuke as you three walked, you hardly noticed how far you had walked until you saw where you were, at an intersection before the cafe. Seeing Josuke and Okuyasu sitting outside at the tables, you hollered at them. "We're here!" Catching their attention, they both waved back, though Okuyasu waved way more dramatically.

"Oi, it took you guys long enough! I was about ready to steal your food!" He called out in his raspy voice. In a wild attempt to save your food, you ran across the street, seeing out of the corner of your eye that the walking sign was on.

As you made your mad dash, a careless driver shot out of their spot, zooming straight towards you. It was only mere inches away from colliding with you when a muscular pink hand grabbed you and threw you out of harm's way and into a pair of safe, protective arms.

Looking up, you were met with a purple pompadour and wild eyes. "Babe, are you ok?! Are you hurt? Do you need Crazy Diamond to fix you?" Josuke asked frantically, his hands cupping around your face to keep you still as he searched for any signs of harm. "J-Jojo, I'm fine! Nothing's wrong!" You tried to console him, putting your hands up defensively. With a sigh, Josuke pulled you into a hug. "Don't scare me like that! I thought you were gonna get hit!" He muttered, not paying attention to all the eyes on you two.

With a flustered face, you detached yourself from Josuke's arms. "Let's just get our food already." You mumbled, walking to the table where Okuyasu was anxiously waiting. Out of no where, he pulled you into a bone crushing hug, ugly crying his eyes out.

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