Chapter 2: The fight for the biggest ego

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The three young royals entered the dining hall along with their families, and greeted the others who were already there. The royal family of Melodia looked stunning as always, dressed in the silver color that represented their kingdom. Queen Tatiana exuded elegance like nobody else could, something that had been inherited by her daughter, Princess Sasha. The princess' gray eyes were cold and distant. Julián understood why the people from her kingdom liked her older brother, Friderich, more than they liked her. She was the exact opposite from him in every way possible. While he was warm, kind with everyone, and did everything for the benefit of their kingdom, she was a powerful sorcerer, which instantly set her apart, and preferred to be alone which added to that. Practically everyone was intimidated by her reputation alone.

They sat down next to each other, at one of the ends of a long table which was organized to form a square, and kept on talking, greeting the other monarchs and nobles as they came into the room. Once everyone was there, the food started coming in. Conversations had already sprung up around the table, mostly about politics and the musical.

Lacy, Veronika and Julián had stayed away from them, and were mostly focusing on their own conversation, catching up after all the months they'd been apart. Julián told them how he was now playing a bigger role in helping his father run the kingdom, since he was getting older now and should be able to handle new responsibilities. Lacy was all smiles as she told Julián about the new code she had invented to help keep important communications safe if they ever got intercepted. She was practically bouncing in her seat when she revealed that after a test run, her grandfather had accepted it. Finally, Veronika gave the latest report on her sorcery lessons from Professor Aldrik. She was becoming stronger each day, and was really satisfied with her progress.

They were pulled out of their conversation when an argument started farther down the table with some nobles from the various kingdoms. In a conversation about the musical at the far end of the table, a lord from Dramera stated that the performance of the actors for the musical had been stunning, which it was, but went even further by saying that it had been so good that it had outshone the contributions of all the other kingdoms to this annual tradition.

The noble's conversation got louder as each of them defended their own kingdom.

"The dances for this year were absolutely amazing! They conveyed everything they needed to say perfectly!" one argued.

"The songs did a better job at conveying what needed to be said!"

"What about the script? Without it there wouldn't be a story!" another intervened.

"Attrais did not have any meaningful contributions."

"Of course it did!" a noble from the accused kingdom countered. "Have you forgotten the beautiful set and costumes?"

The fight continued, and little by little, most of the table got involved. Each person obviously took the side of their own form of art, defending the pride they held for the kingdom they came from with all their might. Eventually, even some of the royal families themselves got involved.

Veronika noticed that none of the princes or princesses had said a word, watching the drama unfold quietly. She turned to her sister and her best friend, and asked them for their opinion on the matter.

"I cannot believe it!" Lacy immediately answered, with clear exasperation in her tone, "the whole point of the musical is to unite the kingdoms and prevent exactly what is happening right now!"

"I agree with you Lacy. Their actions are completely illogical. This argument defeats the whole purpose of this tradition," Julián added.

"I am glad you think like I do, and if my suspicions are correct, the other princes and princesses do too. I haven't heard them say a word in the argument, and, if I'm reading them right, they disapprove of all this," she thought for a moment and added "I'm not completely sure about Sasha though, since her face is practically a mask, and she usually stays away from anything that involves socializing."

"You're right Veronika." Julián said. "I wonder what is going on through their minds right now. They might be thinking around the same lines we are, or something totally different."

"Who knows. The only way we could find out is asking them ourselves," Lacy suggested.

"I would like to know, but I don't think I am going to be the one to ask them. One of you should do it," Veronika thought aloud.

"I'd rather not, but I'll do it if I have to." Julián added.

Instead of giving her opinion, Lacy just pushed back her seat, and approached Astoria, the princess of Dramera and sat down next to her in an unoccupied seat. Both Veronika and Julián watched Lacy ask the princess something, and the subsequent conversation between the youngest members of the royal families of the two different kingdoms. At the end of it, Lacy thanked Astoria, stood up and went back to her previous seat with them.

"Turns out that, like us, she does not agree with or approve of the argument, but she does not want to intervene to try to stop them, because she does not think it will work very well," Lacy explained "I agree with her. I definitely would not want to get involved there."

However, this statement would find itself challenged when they heard new voices joining the argument.  Julián recognized his father's voice, but it sounded completely different than it normally did. His usual firm but kind tone was replaced with a more demanding and stern tone. It sounded so unlike him, that Julián hadn't been totally sure if it was his father until he looked up and saw that it was actually him. His eyes widened and a flabbergasted look appeared on his face, expressing his clear confusion over his father's actions.

"Julián? What happened?" Veronika asked with a troubled look on her face, seeing her friend's sudden change in behavior.

"I'm alright, just..." he trailed off.


"Confused I guess. I never thought my father would act like this. He's always been about diplomacy and dialogue, the farthest he has pushed that limit has been with the rivalry with Literaya. I cannot understand the reasoning behind him getting involved in this whole argument. Can't he see that this argument is the exact opposite of what is supposed to be happening here?" He said, exasperated. "And here I thought we had actually made progress towards getting over the rivalry with the other kingdoms when we visited yours and our parents were able to make an agreement on one of the things they were discussing, however small it was."

"I get that. I was also happy about the progress regarding the rivalry, but now I think that it was all lost here." Lacy added.

While the three young royals kept discussing the topic, another voice joined in the argument at the other side of the table. A voice that would once again change everything.

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