Please, Stay Calm

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They sat in the middle row of the theater. "The golden seats," Ned called them whenever he and Peter went to see the latest superhero film. Peter felt a pang  of loneliness, he wished he could hear from his friend again. Ned always seemed to make the best out of every situation, and he was sure Ned would be head over heels if he was locked in the same room as Captain America and Tony Stark.

Tony nursed several bruises along his arm as he slumped back in a velvety red recliner, "That didn't work." He stated.

"What made you think it would?" Steve's irritated voice replied right besides him, leaning forward instead of back. His bruises had healed faster, only a few dark splotches remained on him, and he barely paid them any mind.

Tony didn't answer with a witty remark for once, and Peter was almost disappointed. The boy had considerably more bruises than the both of them combined but his healing had gotten rid of most of them before Tony could find out. He hid the bigger bruises underneath his sleeve.

He sat to the right of Tony, his head supported by his arm. To say Peter was exhausted was an understatement. He ached and was in desperate need of food, he also kept having to fight the urge to pass out every few minutes.

To be honest, ramming the wall with full force wasn't the smartest idea, but when you wake up suddenly in a room you don't know you tend to lose your senses for a moment. Peter still regretted following along with it though. The ache in his side wasn't really worth it, and from the occasional hiss of pain from his mentor besides him, it was worse for Tony.

The movie theater they were trapped in was a peculiar place. That was the only way to describe it. It's seats and floor were ridiculously clean, and Peter could still see little scuff marks where the paint's been partially scrubbed away. Strangely, there wasn't a projecting room at the back like most theaters, which was odd since you kind of needed that to actually watch movies. The large screen in front wasn't suspect to anything, though it was obviously the victim of way too many cleaning products. It smelled like a new car in here. A new car that's been drenched in Oxi-Clean.

While Peter was firmly stuck in his thoughts, Tony's brow furrowed. His foot had slipped on something, causing that something to crinkle. He swore the floor was clean before, wasn't it? Tony pulled up his recliner and bent down to grab whatever was down there, ignoring the look Steve gave him.

"What are you doing?" The Captain asked before casting a surprised glance at the slip of paper Tony held in his hands.

The sheet was small, about the size of his palm. Other than the small folds Tony's shoe made, it looked brand new, the handwritten writing on it the only sign that it's been touched at all.

Now, Peter's attention was brought back to reality, and he peered over Tony's shoulder to read the note.

'We ask of you to please, stay calm,' It said. The scraggly writing did not help them stay calm. Instead, their heart rates began to rise. Peter couldn't help to think back to the numerous horror movies he saw as a kid, and Steve's instincts just screamed PANIC. Tony's hand got a little shakier. 'While the situation may be frightening, we assure you, there will be no harm done to your persons. Your memory may have been wiped of the circumstances leading you here, but again we assure you, that is normal and favorable. Due to the buggy nature of the device we used to achieve this, your memory will slowly come back to you. In the meantime, we have selected short snippets of your past and future for you to watch in a medium that will be recognizable to all of you. Your wish has been granted. -The Genie'

A short silence encompassed the group. For a second, Peter wanted to scoff, to laugh, to yell, "This is crazy!" into the void, to do anything besides sitting there dumbly with his mouth hanging open. He didn't get the chance though, because, shortly after reading the note, a clattering of plastic sounded behind them.

"What the-" Steve and Tony jumped up out of their seats with twin movements, colliding softly. Steve shrugged Tony off a second later. He stood, only to see Peter crouching over whatever had landed behind them. He gave him a 'So? What is it?' look as Tony got up, and Peter slowly held up the thing in his hands.

It was a DVD. On the cover, was a picture of Tony.


So, you really thought they were going to watch the first trailer in this chapter, huh? Well, me too buddy. I should've written this sooner, but for some reason Steve's character just kept messing me up. Also, please ignore the fact that I didn't bother to italicize or bold any of my text. I tried, it didn't work.

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