Rising Malevolence

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Narrator: the Clone Starfleet is under siege. Dozens of Republic warships have been destroyed in merciless surprise attacks that leave no survivors. Rumors spread of a terrible new Separatist weapon. In the face of growing fear, the Jedi Council sends Master Plo Koon to hunt down the menace before it strikes again.

There Republic Jedi Cruisers were making their way to a Separatist BattleShip orbiting a red planet.

Clone: the enemy ship has reduced its speed, General.

Plo: they must have realized we are tracking them.

On the bridge of the Separatist ship, Count Dooku, Wade(on his hover chair) and General Grievous were on board.

Droid: we're tracking three Republic cruisers. What should we do?

Dooku: Jam their transmissions.

Republic Cruiser

Clone: the fleet is holding its position, sir.

Plo: I think it wise to report our position before we attack.

Clone: Skywalker's fleet is nearby, in the Bith system.

Plo: good. Perhaps he can reinforce us.

Clone: from what I hear, Skywalker's always ready for a fight.

Plo: so I've heard.

Plo Koon contacts Anakin and he appears as a hologram with Ahsoka.

Ahsoka:<hologram> koh-to-ya, Master Plo.

Plo: koh-to-ya, little 'Soka.

Anakin:<hologram> how's the hunt for the mystery weapon going?

Plo: we've tracked it to the Abregado system. We need reinforcements.

Anakin: I'll have to ask the Council, Master Plo. I was given strict orders to protect our staging area.

There was static and the hologram shut down.

Plo: what is wrong with the transmission?

Clone: there is too much interference, sir. We've lost them.

With Anakin

Ahsoka: you heard Master Plo. He needs our support. We have to go help him.

Anakin: we have to see what the Council decides first. This is an important meeting, Ahsoka. Remember, by mindful. And speak only when spoken to.

Ahsoka: don't I always?

They both enter the ship control room.

Mace:<hologram> this mystery weapon has struck in a dozen systems and disappeared without a trace.

Palpatine:<hologram> we cannot afford to lose any more ships, my friends. Ah, Master Skywalker. Have you had any success in finding General Grievous' secret weapon?

Anakin:<presses a button> Master Plo was here in the Abregado system when we lost contact.

Abregado system

Clone: the enemy ship is closing!

Plo: prepare for battle!


Dooku: General Grievous, this will be a suitable test for our new weapon. You may fire when ready.

Grievous: yes, my Lord.

Wade: why can't I just destroy them in one single attack?

Dooku: your powers are for destroying planets, not Republic Cruisers. We have to test the weapon at three Jedi Cruisers. Then we will be unstoppable.

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